Despite Cameo, Ted Cruz Not a 'True Blood' Fan

(Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

He may have landed a cameo on the hit show, but Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is apparently not a fan of HBO's "True Blood."

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Following a particularly grizzly episode featuring Republicans murdered at a Ted Cruz fundraiser, the tea party darling blasted the show as "misogynist and profanity-ridden."

"Well, I'm sorry to have lost the vampire vote, but am astonished (and amused) that HBO is suggesting that hard-core leftists are blood-sucking fiends," Cruz wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

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The episode, laced with tasteless (but admittedly creative) nicknames for Republicans, depicts guests cowering behind a Cruz poster dramatically ripped down by flying bullets.

The senator went even further on Twitter:

Good news for Sen. Cruz: What with all this vampire tweeting, Cruz has probably picked up the Twilight-obsessed teen girl vote.

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