DC Commuters Vent That Africa Summit Gridlock Is a 'Mess'

(Cliff Owen / AP Photo)

A city known for its gridlock on Capitol Hill will see much of the same on the roads this week, even with Congress out on summer recess.

President Obama is hosting leaders from across the African continent this week at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which the White House is calling the first and largest of its kind.

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But an event of this magnitude means traffic troubles and headaches for many commuters heading into the city because of numerous road closures, restricted parking and traffic detours.

The traffic delays, of course, gave many commuters plenty of time to turn to Twitter.

There were even memes created specifically about the summit-related traffic.

To prevent further frustration in the coming days, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management is urging many agencies and employers to consider allowing their employees to telecommute to alleviate the traffic congestion and road disruptions.

But it's not just cars and buses that will see altered traffic patterns and delays. Pedestrians may encounter screening areas and heavy foot traffic near the summit events.

To make matters worse, protesters have taken to the streets and sidewalks.

And more demonstrations are expected throughout the week.

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