John Kerry Spotted in Nantucket

While the State Department hasn't said where John Kerry is this week-he's out of the office the department has told media, without confirming his location on the record-it appears the secretary has been spotted by a handful of Twitter users and one Instagrammer vacationing in Nantucket, in his home state of Massachusetts.

Although the Instagram user identified the above boat as Kerry's, it might be impossible to confirm for certain, and it's also unclear whether Kerry was in fact on the boat when the photo was taken. But the number on the sail does match the number borne by Kerry's boat in at least one past photo, and the boat itself appears to be the same. In a racing context, at least, sail numbers can be used to identify boats, the American Sailing Association confirms to ABC News.

Several Twitter users noted Kerry's presence in the area:

Kerry is apparently taking a break from Washington, D.C., life at the same time as his boss, President Obama, who is currently on vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

The rising threat of ISIS, and its horrific execution of American journalist James Foley, have prompted a response from the president and again raised discussion about whether a president should be criticized for being on vacation as global events unfold. Obama has received national-security briefings during his trip.

For his part, Kerry released a long written statement on Foley.

"We grieve for James Foley. We mourn for his family and his loved ones. We honor the courage and pray for the safety of all those who risk their lives to discover the truth where it is needed most," Kerry wrote. "And make no mistake: we will continue to confront ISIL wherever it tries to spread its despicable hatred. The world must know that the United States of America will never back down in the face of such evil."

The secretary of State also tweeted:

Kerry is due to return to the office Aug. 31.

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