Food Apps Get Their Place in the Kitchen

For those with iPhones or iPads, it’s hard to imagine  life without apps.  How would we check the weather, find the best restaurant or listen to the radio? 

In an effort to make life simpler, apps have taken over many of our daily tasks, and that includes what we do in the kitchen.  (I have proof – my iPhone has a slight residue of all-purpose flour.)

I don’t want to say I’m throwing cookbooks into the garbage (sacrilege!) yet, but cooking apps have make some of my favorite recipes more accessible.  Instead of printing a recipe off the computer, I can easily grab one off  an app and make the dish in the time it takes me to figure out my home printer.

I must say my favorite aspects of cooking  apps are  the animations, images  and interactivity they provide.  Logging into databases of recipes – which include  comments and reviews - is extremely helpful.  And the beautiful images and animations only make me want to start eating my phone. 

One of the recent apps getting buzz, Baking With Dorie, gets down to the basics of home baking.  The baking queen, Dorie Greenspan, breaks down her recipes with videos and easy tutorials that make you feel like she’s right alongside you.

A favorite of mine, the Epicurious app, is like a mini version of the Epicurious website.  Pay extra to add your favorite recipes, or just use the app as a guide when you need inspiration.

And dare I forget Martha Stewart?  Her apps appeal to  the senses:  Open her cocktail app and  hear the sounds of ice clinking in a glass.  (That constantly amuses me for some reason.)  And the images in her cookie app make me want to start baking for Christmas. (It’s a little early, I know.)

 I’m looking forward to many more exciting recipes and apps to come. Just make sure to cover your iPhone or iPad with a plastic bag or case, to avoid that film of flour.


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