Los Angeles Blue Whales In Danger

VIDEO: Pod feeding close to ports puts them in danger of getting hit by passing ships.

They are the world’s biggest creatures and they are currently feeding in the path of some of the largest ships on the sea. Endangered blue whales are congregating near the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to feast on an abundance of krill.

The whales’ dining spot is putting them in danger, increasing the likelihood that they could be hit by a passing ship.

“While this is a unique and exciting opportunity to have these animals out here, it also puts them at great risk,” John Calambokidis, co-founder of the Olympia, Wash.-based Cascadia Research Collective, told the Los Angeles Times.

In the last 10 years, dozens of whales have been injured or killed in the waters off California by ships, according to  the paper. Scientists estimate that there are approximately 2,000 blue whales in the Pacific, a number they hope continues to increase.

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