VIDEO: Nintendo Unveils Life-Size Mario Karts

VIDEO: Nintendo created real cars inspired by its game.

Mario Kart jumped out of the screen and raced into the showroom at the L.A. auto show Thursday when  Nintendo unveiled two life-size Mario Karts it had commissioned from West Coast Customs.

The working models of Mario’s personal race car and Luigi’s Bumble V car were built to promote Mario Kart 7, which hits stores  Dec. 4  as the franchise’s first 3-D game.

Visitors to the auto show can view the cars and play Mario Kart 7 at Nintendo’s display. Unfortunately for diehard fans, the glider attachment on Mario’s car and the rear propeller on Luigi’s car don’t actually work (remember, these are only working models), so the cars won’t be flying high or exploring the deep just yet.


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