Gadget-Friendly Gloves for Cold Weather

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Say goodbye to fingerless gloves for gadgets. With the arrival of chilly weather, several companies have unveiled new gloves that keep fingertips warm and allow users to tap touch-screen devices unhindered.

The North Face E-Tip gloves ($40)

These new gloves from North Face are soft and stretchy and perfect for using iPhones or Android phones on the go. The finger pads are equipped with patches that allow touch screen devices to register contact. While flexible, these gloves aren't meant to warm hands in extremely cold weather. So bring an extra pair if you are planning on going mountain climbing or shoveling your way out of an avalanche.

Etre Five Point Gloves ($26)

Stylish, woolen and warm, U.K.-made Five Point Gloves are also equipped with fingertips that conduct electricity, so you don't have to take them off while you're using your iPad or mobile devices. For those still attached to the idea of fingerless gloves, Etre makes a line of stylish gloves that are missing their thumb and index fingertips allowing for a wider range of texting flexibility.   

Magic Texting Gloves ($26)

They're stretchy, warm and have conductive finger tips, so users can text while keeping their hands warm and dry.

AE Texting Gloves ($15.50)

American Eagle got in on the warm-weather tech accessories  trend as well this year. The AE product is equipped with conductive thumb and index fingertips for texting flexibility. The price is certainly affordable, although some user reviews suggest that the gloves' durability do not live up to expectations.

Isotoner smarTouch Gloves ($42)

Isotoner's offering is water-repellant and equipped with a no-slip palm grip. Both thumb and index finger tips are conductive with touch sensitive devices.

Agloves ($24)

A unisex, no-nonsense glove that promises to keep fingers warm. Critics such as Mashable haven't given this particular line points for style, but at least every digit of these gloves is equipped with touch-sensitive conductivity.

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