'Let it Snow,' Says Google's New 'Easter Egg'

"Let it Snow" on Google, an "Easter Egg" for Christmas.

Google has come up with another of its " Easter Eggs" for the holidays, in case you missed it the first  time. If you have a moment to kill, you may enjoy it.

Go to the Google homepage. Type in " let it snow." Hit Enter. Watch what happens.

(Brief pause while you try it. Then we hope you'll come back.)

Play with it a bit. Enjoy the frosty feeling. Click around with your cursor to clear up the screen. You'll notice after a moment that you can't click through to the search results, which include renditions of the song by Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra. If you missed it, note that the blue search button near the top of the screen has changed to "Defrost."

(Note: This may not work in all browsers. Newer ones support HTML5, the newest version of the code that makes online content work.)

Others you may enjoy if you haven't found them before:

" Tilt."

" Askew."

" Do a Barrel Roll."

" Hanukkah."

" Anagram." (It'll ask, "Did you mean 'nag a ram?'")

Alas, the "gravity" Easter Egg has been disabled (no doubt a lot of schoolchildren needed to look gravity up for real), but some folks have happily saved the effect HERE.

You can waste hours playing with these - but, hey, the holidays are coming. We hope you enjoy them.

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