TV Hat: Is Zany Infomercial Product a Good Gift?

Do glare and distractions make it impossible for you to enjoy watching a TV show on your iPhone or iPod on a sunny day? Enter the TV Hat, a conspicuous-looking contraption that claims to solve all of your on-the-go video viewing problems.

The $30 hat is a baseball cap with an extremely long brim, fabric side panels to block glare, a built in magnifying glass, and a pouch to hold your iPhone or iPod.

"Private, portable and hands-free, the TV Hat provides a motion picture experience, absolutely anywhere," the announcer in the infomercial boasts.

The cheesy infomercials feature men and women wearing the TV Hat everywhere - in the car (hopefully not driving), at the gym, camping, even in a bikini on the beach.

Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" demoed the TV Hat on his show Thursday night after seeing the commercial run on air during one of the program breaks.

"For the few of you who aren't actually watching this on your TV hat right now, I'll explain. TV hat is TV in a hat. Allow me to demonstrate. To the casual observer, this is just an ordinary baseball hat. But slide your iPhone into the under rim pocket, pull down the discrete side blinders, drop the patented lens and you are now immersed in a private, multi-media entertainment zone. And the rest of the world - none the wiser," he said while proudly sporting his very own TV Hat in the signature cap-style.

There's also a visor version, and the hat comes in a variety of colors, "including camo," Colbert noted, "So you can watch TV while you're hunting."

Colbert continued to poke fun, calling it a must-have for viewers' holiday shopping lists.

"TV Hat lets you focus on what matters most by blocking out unnecessary distractions - like your spouse, or your children," Colbert said.  "This Christmas, remember the TV Hat. Buy one for yourself and buy another for someone you love to ignore."

When the TV Hat first came out last year, " Good Morning America" technology contributor Becky Worley put the product to the test to see if it lived up to its claims. She gave the TV Hat an overall "D" grade.

"Even though the whole point of the hat was to minimize glare, I found that the magnifying glass in the hat really exacerbated the glare issues of the clear plastic screen that holds the iPod in the pouch. If the whole point of the hat is to minimize glare outside, this was a significant failing, in my assessment," she explained.

"The weight of the iPod I put in the hat's pocket pulled the hat down. I had to hold it with my hand at the back of my head to keep it on. …And, oh yeah: Did I mention you look ridiculous wearing it?"

SKM Industries, the makers of the TV Hat, then told "GMA": "It's silly and practical. The TV Hat makes a great Christmas gift and it's fun."

Would you try the TV Hat or buy it as a gift this season?

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