Google Doodle: Moog Synthesizer Greatest Hits

VIDEO: Music interactive honors Robert Moog on what would have been his 78th birthday.

Image credit: Google

In case you missed it, Google's homepage has been adorned with a digital insturment since last night. The sonic Google Doodle pays tribute to Robert Moog, the inventor of the electronic synthesizer, and lets you play the synth right on the screen with your mouse or keyboard.

While most of us probably played with the fun tool for a couple of minutes and annoyed our loved ones or office mates, others were hard at work creating some real songs. Below are some of the best songs performed today on Google. If you know of more, let us know in the comments!

Rick Astley's  "Never Gonna Give You Up"  by Surely_You're_Choking on Reddit 

Harry Potter's "Hedwig's Theme" by Jason Perlow 

MGMT's "Kids" by @oreobaus on Twitter

" Phantom of the Opera" by origamisculptures on Tumblr

Gary Numan's "Cars" by Jon Durbin

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