Newly Married Zuckerbergs Spotted on Honeymoon

The bride and groom celebrate their honeymoon. (Image credit: Xposure)

Where do two newlyweds worth almost $20 billion  spend their  honeymoon? Rome apparently. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and new bride Priscilla Chan were recently spotted in the Eternal City  enjoying a romantic dinner for two at Pier Luigi, where they dined on oyster and lobster pasta. The couple also reportedly hit numerous tourist spots, trying to take in the experience to its fullest.

Ironically,  the honeymoon images  surfaced on Twitter, not  Facebook.

Longtime sweethearts Zuckerberg and Chan married the weekend following  Facebook's May 17 initial public offering,  in  a backyard ceremony that also celebrated  Chan's medical school graduation.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon  for the Facebook IPO, one of the most highly anticipated of all time, might be over. Its share price has tumbled, and lawsuits are building amid accusations that banks gave select investors inside information about the company's potential profitability. And Zuckerberg's net worth has taken a significant hit too.

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