Elizabeth Smart Backs New App to Fight Child Abduction

VIDEO: Elizabeth Smart Backs Hero App to Prevent Child Abduction

Children in danger will soon have a new option to get help. "GMA" contributor Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped from her home in 2002, is backing a new app for your smart phone.

Called HERO, the mobile app is like an Amber alert for your smart phone that works as a geo-location device in emergency situations.

When you press the "Help Me" button, it begins streaming audio and video and your exact location to anyone in the area who also has the app.

"Literally when you push a button it sends instant video, sound and location to all your friends, family and even the crowd around you within a 5-mile radius," said the HERO developer George Metuse.

Whether a situation where a child is abducted or you lose your child in the grocery store, you can send out a notification to all the people within a 5-mile radius with a photograph of your child.

Smart demonstrated it for "GMA."

"I can't say for sure it would have prevented me from being kidnapped, but if I did have the Hero app with me, it has a location device that drops a pin exactly where you were at," Smart said. "Every single person can be a hero. Every person can make a difference."

Smart and her foundation will be compensated from the app's profits.

Visit www.apptooth.com/Hero for more information.

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