Zynga's Ruby Blast Arcade Game Hits Facebook

Zynga's Ruby Blast game for Facebook. Image courtesy Zynga.

Another day, another Zynga game to keep you entertained during those boring conference calls. Zynga released Bubble Safari a few weeks ago; now the social gaming king is announcing a new arcade-style game - Ruby Blast.

The game will remind you of Bejeweled. You match the color of the gems to each other and try to blow up or eliminate all the gems in the mine. The more you do, the higher your score. There are Power-Ups to help you along.

Like Bubble Safari, there is a fun character tie-in. Ruby Blast is a intrepid female archeologist who travels around the world and digs up treasures.

And, of course, being that you play it on Facebook (or Zynga.com) social networking is a key part of the game. "Our twist here is that we have put your friends into the game board," Jonathan Grant, Zynga Design Director, told ABC News. If you have friends who have played the game, they will show up in the mine to help and provide power.

Ruby Blast is the first game to come out of Zynga's new Seattle office and is the first Zynga game to use Adobe Flash 11, which improves the game's graphics. It will be available this week through Facebook and Zynga.com. There is no mobile version of the game yet.

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