Windows 8 Tablets and Computers Coming in Late October, Says Microsoft

Image credit: Microsoft

We've been following Microsoft's Windows 8 for a number of months now - from its Consumer Preview or Beta release to the announcement of Microsoft's Surface tablet, which will be one of the first tablets with the Windows 8 operating system.

But Microsoft's been fairly quiet about when Windows 8 would hit the market for everyone. Until today, that is.

Microsoft's CFO of Windows and Windows Live, Tami Reller, said at the company's World Wide Partner Conference today that Windows 8 devices would hit shelves "in late October." Windows 8 software would be released to manufacturers the first week in August, Reller said, and software and devices will be in stores in late October.

Reller didn't specify when Microsoft's own Surface tablet would hit the market. The late October timing would put Windows 8 devices on shelves by the holiday season.

Microsoft announced the Surface tablets in June; the tablets will run Windows 8 and will be available with unique keyboard docks. Microsoft's partners, including Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, are expected to release a number of Windows 8 computers this year with interesting form factors.

Amazon is expected to release a new Kindle Fire tablet in the next couple of months and Apple has been rumored to be planning to release a 7-inch iPad in September.

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