Horse of a Different Fabric: Shelter Seeks PJs for Itchy Horse

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Gracie May, a beautiful horse with big brown eyes, needs your help: she wants a brand new set of pajamas but can't find any in her size.

Gracie May beauty suffers from sweet itch, a medical condition caused by an allergic reaction to midge bites.

HorseWorld, the shelter in England that Gracie May calls home, has called on businesses or individuals to fund and create a giant set of pajamas to keep her from being bitten - giving a whole new meaning to the term "onesie."

When Gracie May arrived at HorseWorld in 2001, she was "extremely emaciated" and most of her hair had fallen off, according to the shelter's website.

She has since been nursed back to health. But the horse's skin condition is incurable - which is why the shelter is looking for a sleepwear solution.

The manager of the Visitor Center Yard at HorseWorld, Karen Hardwick, said Gracie May's condition has become more severe over the past few months and she needs more protection than what is available.

"She currently has a rug that protects her when she is outdoors in the fields, but it's far from being a perfect fit and tends to rub against her," Hardwick said. "She badly needs something suitable for wearing indoors when she is in her stable here at Whitchurch - a pajama suit would fit the bill. Her size is an issue too. She measures 7 ft. high from the ground to the top of her head. We've searched high and low but can find nothing on the market that would fit this gorgeous heavy horse."

HorseWorld is looking for businesses to sponsor the creation of the pajamas, individuals who would like to make a donation toward the pajama fund, or crafters to actually sew a pajama suit for the allergy-ridden horse.

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