The Coolest iPhone 5 Cases

Image credit: Quirky

There have been a lot of iPhone 5 cases and accessories released since Apple announced the new phone last week. Some of the coolest accessories might be made by real people, not large case manufacturers like Case Mate and Speck.

Quirky, a crowdsourced design site, has teamed up with, a popular online retailer, to sell seven new iPhone 5 accessories that were made by and for real people. The designers of the products were people like Ernesto Tan, who is a customer service agent in Cincinnati, and Laura Doty, who is a mom of three and a special education paraprofessional at an elementary school in Minnesota.

Last Wednesday, when the iPhone was announced, Quirky asked people to submit designs for iPhone 5 accessories. The Quicky and Fab teams then voted on the best designs and starting today they go up for pre-order on

The cases range from the cool to, well, the quirky. The $34.99 Crossover, which was thought up by Richard Moreen of New Jersey, is made up of two customizable silicon bands that strap to the back of the phone. You can secure a credit card behind the bands.

The Keeper, however, might be the coolest of them all. Like some other iPhone wallet cases, the $34.99 case features a leather holder for two credit cards and a clear ID window. There's also a dock called the Cube and a case with a place to wrap those new Apple EarPods.

You can order the accessories now on and many of them will ship in five to six weeks. Hey, at this rate, it might arrive before those back-ordered iPhone 5s.

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