Mac, Apple, and Siri: Tech Names Become More Popular Baby Names of 2012

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More over #Hashtag, there's a new genre of names that's trending.

You guessed it, iBaby names.

BabyCenter - a go-to site and app for pregnancy and parenting tips -has just released its annual baby names report survey for the most popular names of 2012.

"Apple," "Siri" and "Mac" didn't actually break into the top 100, but according to BabyCenter more people are creating the newest generation of true iBabies.

Not just an iconic symbol found on the back of your iPhone or MacBook, the name Apple for girls jumped 15 percent in popularity from last year. And who can forget about Mac? The name Mac was more popular for boys this year too, up 12 percent from last year. And Siri isn't only reserved for the personal assistant in your iPhone - this year the name rose 5 percent in popularity on the list of names for girls.

"What's becoming more important to new parents is finding a name with meaning," BabyCenter's Global Editor in Chief, Linda Murray, said in a statement.

But while Apple might be used to topping the tech charts, the names didn't beat out some more traditional ones for babies. Topping the girls list were Sophia, Emma and Olivia. In the boys department, Aiden, Jackson and Ethan made the top three choices. You can see the full list here.

BabyCenter's list comes out just as a report that a mother and father named their newborn Hashtag. According to Mashable, baby Hashtag Jameson was born last Saturday. Let's just hope the name Hashtag really doesn't start trending!

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