Boston Residents on Lockdown Share Fear on Twitter, Facebook

Image credit: Twitter/BikeSafeBoston

As Boston has been put on lockdown as authorities conduct a "massive manhunt" to find the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect, residents of the city have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share with friends and family that while they are frightened, they are safe and remaining indoors.

At 7:19 a.m. this morning Juliana Hatfield (@julianahatfield) tweeted a photo of a sign that was left on her door by police in the City of Cambridge. She also told her followers that "I'm fine - thanks for the concern, everyone … i wasn't planning on leaving my apartment today anyway-now i have more."

"Residents of Watertown asked to stay indoors," the Boston Police Department tweeted. "Do not answer door unless instructed by a police officer." Public transportation has been suspended and authorities told people at closed stops and stations to go home. The situation is scary, to say the least. In fact, #scared was a trending term on Twitter in Boston this morning.

Many others, who weren't even in Boston, also shared their fear for the people living in the city.

And like we saw on Monday after the bombing, the non-Boston community, has been sharing their support and prayers for the community.

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