The Day Twitter Links Blinked Out

Credit: Twitter

What if you woke up, tried clicking on links in Twitter and they just didn't work? Would you panic? Just assume it was you? Call for help?

This morning for about a half an hour all the links on Twitter were down. Starting at around 10:00 a.m. ET users on Twitter complained of broken links; clicking on the link just did nothing, users had to paste the links into a browser window for them to work. The issue was caused by Twitter's URL shortening service

Naturally, people took to Twitter to figure out what was going on and joke about the great link outage.

But the fun and anxiety ended quickly. Twitter fixed the issue and informed users via its Status blog that all things were back to normal in the clickable text world. "Some users may have experienced an issue with links contained within Tweets. This issue has been resolved as of 7:10 am PST," Twitter posted on its blog.

And then, of course, Twitter rejoiced.

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