Obama's National Security Team to be Named Monday

ABC News can report that on Monday morning in Chicago, President-elect Obama will officially announce some key members of his national security team, many of whom will be in attendance.

Pending Senate confirmation, the President-elect's national security team will include: Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., who will serve as Secretary of State in his administration; Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano who will be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; attorney Eric Holder, Attorney General; Retired Marine General Jim Jones, National Security Adviser; retired Adm. Dennis Blair, Director of National Intelligence; Susan Rice, Ambassador to the United Nations; and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who will stay on in that role for at least a year.

These announcements were scheduled before the terror attacks in Mumbai, India, but obviously recent developments have given the announcements some added resonance.

- jpt

UPDATE: A positive review from retiring Sen. John Warner, R-Va., a former Republican chairman and 30-year veteran of the Senate Armed Services Committee: "The triumvirate of Gates, Clinton and Jones to lead Obama's 'national security team' instills great confidence at home and abroad; and further strengthens the growing respect for the president-elect's courage and ability to exercise sound judgment in selecting the 'best and the brightest' to implement our nation's security policies."

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