Martin Luther King Jr. talks 'Issue and Answers' on ABC in 1967

The civil rights leader appeared on the ABC program for a discussion about race riots and his opposition to the Vietnam War.
16:16 | 03/30/18

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Transcript for Martin Luther King Jr. talks 'Issue and Answers' on ABC in 1967
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. here are the issues what really happened at from the rose summit conference this week in New York. Are we headed for hotter negro riots the summer. As a Nobel Peace Prize winner puck suggestions do you have for the United States' role in bringing peace to Vietnam and the Middle East. From Atlanta Georgia the American broadcasting company brings you didn't use and answered. The reverend Dr. Martin Luther King head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference will be interviewed by ABC Atlanta bureau chief Tom Carroll. And ABC Washington correspondent John casserly. It in the greatest crisis facing negro leaders like yourself today the race riots which are occurring in the country. The fact that these riots perhaps for a racing civil rights games that may have been made by peaceful demonstrations in recent years. Rather reported another way Iraq so represented a crisis phase in the whole nation weren't fair. Known bring our crisis to the civil rights movement. We don't want us to rise I'm not certain loopholes derided repairs are from very socially destructive. Self defeating but I think we do have to use of certain and follow full condition. Existing and society and are responsible for of these two. And and the fumble on whose. Progress and social process they absolutely Daryn because of ride prevention and no matter how much preaching nonviolence which we will continue to do. As long as these conditions are Harvard. Deprivation. Bradford slum life. And all of that were over ten rom of humiliation. And its staff surrounding. We're gonna have these very. Are not the leaders though concerned about these outbreaks causing a certain degree of resegregation perhaps mentally if nothing else among. People who have changed their way of thinking perhaps or perhaps people who. Have objected two negro advances. I'm thinking of the southern segregationist. If they're not a certain concern among leadership like yourself over normal resegregation because Bryant. When I'm naturally concerned. About fabric for. Have been commitment. And non problem. But from my greater concern and is were very ambivalent December vacillation. Of our society of CI. Thought with a different permanence. For riots were not called for flight back to. I feel that the riots are consequence. I'll go right back after all nobody had rioted when the state of California know about it rather than launch when the state of California voted out of resistance. Fair housing bill. And I think it is because of the vacillation who refuse to look like America to be absolutely committed on the first some genuine equality for new grove. We have a lot of this a lot of bitterness. And a great deal of desperation. In the negro community. Which I think in the final round two lead to these very unfortunate about birds of. Doctor King just about a year to eighteen months ago the south was alive with civil rights demonstrations peaceful demonstrations and boycotts and so forth. That has virtually gone now. Is this civil rights movement leaning more from peaceful demonstrations for more militant demands in Europe and the man's foot and a more most of what it. And I would say that we and I knew there were of the civil rights struggle for world around twelve news we. Work through very bound for Bowery. Legal. Segregation and we had many a watershed movements to do with these issues now we've got many. Developments that we had in the developments and stand and prove we achievement. Monumental. Legislative. And judicial. The victory reception to civil rights groups are performed the voting rights groups are we. But we're very Selma movement in the voter went through one phase of the civil rights struggle and it. And the new face came into being an hour or so there's no Fey is live a struggle. And Ada man for our genuine equality and implement more difficult phase is much easier. To integrate around conference. Rooms and reviews and we can eradicate. It's much easier to an integrated buses. Senators to create jobs we have dealing with a basic. Economic political and social issues will. If felt were properly and demand their radical redistribution of political and economic power the other thing. Is that we revealing revision non verbal call summation something. If we've run a good rivers slums is gone across the nation billions of dollars. It didn't cost the nation everything the ground have the right to vote. After guarantee access to public accommodations were we are dealing. Revisions now that will cost the nation something. That four of issues emerge from a peripheral called men have allies who were workers during the first phase will not be aware of this amount. Because they're I mean this person to get our I mean live in Mexico to it does mean. Federal government. Poland billions of follows and through programs. To get rid of slums and poverty. And deprivation. And Ivan vs YR for civil rights movement. Have to. Restructure itself from the sudden severe itself from new phase of program altogether. Doctor King in your new book where do we go from here chaos or community. You say that we of the negro community must develop from throwing. A situation in which the government finds that wise and prudent to collaborate with us. How can you speak out against the Vietnam and against the administration's policies in Vietnam and achieve this end and an area as sensitive as via. Aren't you in effect defeating this. Purpose. No not at all it's possible to differ. We're government's policy on Vietnam. And on the same time. Developed a powerful movement and they grow from them. And that will bring the issues so much. And that will stand were so much strand. But the government will be compelled to collaborate we have never. Achieve anything we have made a single game and we're how for calm from patient Apollo web power off. This is what we have done and then nonviolent movement over the years we have to bring in. And to being a powerful movement. That force the federal government to respond. And this is the same thing reverend wrong maneuvers the first. And I don't think taken a stand against the war on Vietnam can. Would be. An amateur way. A development that would keep us from taken very important thing is to develop a movement Apollo. That cannot be ignored even though some I was in that movement. And our faith many and that movement prepares many negroes over country of strong ripples through one period. Doctor king's some practical politician look at it this way they say that you're opposing president Johnson regarding the a if you speak of wanting civil rights first. Yet he is a man vitally concerned the right in the hub and passage of this legislation to help you. So therefore you find yourself in a dilemma. Facing president Johnson asking for something and then disagreeing with rooms an issue which to him as crucial. Well I think that who follow through here refers. Fallows the news. Not big improvement from some kind of thing. I don't care who the president and I'm Fisher's. He's got a phase the race problem. When negroes no longer bear opinion about it he's no longer in that position of saying agree with me wrong there's some rule. Give me something over here he's going to be his own man he's from the stage of self assertive man. And that is no way you are in a president no matter who is to avoid this problem. Along very it is reported. From more weird on the C sitters can generate. The more we the and our long night uses social disruption. I think respect from promises to say that I'm fighting for have been Johnson. I have never call president Johnson's name and defecting. On the war in Vietnam that very consistent thing because I've been that is collective guilt here. After all fault president have participated in the build up. Vietnam I think president Truman made the first mistake from other recognizable. From Vietnam when the declared itself. Independent in nineteen for the five and and have been very good quarter. Our all. And declaration of independence and its document of freedom but we didn't recognize. And I would say over president terms. President Truman has made. Very unfortunate errors on this are conservative on president Johnson I think best electric bill not only on the part of the president. Reserve they couldn't do what they do what they didn't feel that they had they have probation. A large segment of the American population so I think the whole nation. Have to take responsibility. In a freeze for five. Some men and build their butt all over responsible. And I think that responsibility. For this war in Vietnam is very broad. And they deal why. Well let's look at one practical aspect of the war in Vietnam there are those who say. Who fights Blake the black man by saying he should not shoot. And has brown Brothers. But why should he be so isolated isn't this racism and affect. But I hadn't. I am fair that at all. I feel that none of retribution for and I have not limited by a revolt against the world who. Negroes. Saying that negroes should not be involved I'm thing the whole nation. Should not been the world prepares since it is. Live and unjust war and I've been one of the most fond of laurel look taken place. Well let's look at it another way Doctor King there are those who say that the negro soldier. In Vietnam he's doing more for civil rights and his relations with white soldiers. And some of those who preach civil rights here in the United States. Well if from man has to achieve order from nation has to achieve civil rights. And the killing process. Then I think that nation is moving toward it but doom. I'm not concerned about americans' civil rights or reality. Through to mount thing and that's relating military activity around and found about civil rights. Here at home. When I would think America would do it so much bet about coming back. Meg and if possible provoke new role burrows who fight and global solidarity were right. Over in Vietnam and come back home and can live on the same block that come back home that children. Concerned about not over in Vietnam revenue grower of 100% of what sort of from the wall. And back home. If it was kind of a service and this is a great problem there's an America. That Doctor King we're talking about an accident now a contingency. The fact that the negroes and whites are fighting the war in Vietnam is now out of the essence of the war. None of the essence of the war. This practical problem. And Ron putting try to put a direct questions you. This accident the fact that they're there. I'm not for the war or anything else but I'm trying to get to the basic question that negroes are doing something accidentally. Credit where civil rights in Viet doing a great deal of good. Perhaps more than some pretty civil. Alright Brian from the group. Have great. Admiration and courage. Were employed in Vietnam and I'm so far that we have them. In this position where there are forced to fight him were. No one defending remain why we have and I don't even more from Iran where but I can not go where the improved. That we can develop or we action event lived through something. Brought civil rights. Through the killing process through the destruction of another nation and if this is the way we've got it she. Civil rights and America. And I say to America that she is on the way to a spiritual of them the way to accuser civil rights. And America is to achieve a bomb making and justice and democracy are a reality room right here home. Doctor King Cassius Clay goes on trial soon in Houston for refusing to step forward and be drafted him. Do you find it inconsistent for a man to earn his living earned fame and fortune as a prize fighter and a ring fighting. Who was claimed to be a conscientious objector when it comes to fighting for his country. No I don't funded and consistent at all. Great acts occurred Rivera following. And provoked a lot of groups money and that he. I made him a lot of the so called saying. As a result we've taken a stand on this issue and always. Were wrong conscience he has made it clear that his conscience is subject there. And religious. And then this is nothing illegal. This is protected by the American soldiers I don't think he should be convicted. And I admire him for his courage and he's convicted what might it do for other young named rose who are facing draft Ager. Beth and conduct conduct and into the army. But I have this rather good will call not only has convert from both his conviction along with and the world. Many young people. Compared the greatest damage from suburban to refuse to higher than the war in Vietnam on matters of great. Deal of opposition from those floor and the young population around the nation. And I think we've conviction. Cash's career on the morally. The roads and can fit. These kind of resistance to the war and the refusal to third. From the problem our time is up Doctor King thank you very much for being our guest today on issues and answers. Martin Luther King was interviewed by ABC correspondent Tom Carroll and John casserly. Next week at the same time we hope people join us for another program up issues and answers.

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