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Julia Cherner
Julia Cherner is on ABC News.
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Woodward, Bernstein reflect on Watergate reporting 50 years later
By Julia Cherner and Tina Yin
June 16, 2024 Story from Politics Julia Cherner, Tina Yin , ABC News
3 Black women aim for historic Senate wins in 2024: 'My intention is to make a difference'
By Julia Cherner, Rachel Scott and Benjamin Siegel
February 25, 2024 Story from Politics Julia Cherner, Rachel Scott, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
FBI sees surge of 1,800-plus reports related to Israel-Hamas war, top DOJ official says
By Pierre Thomas, Jack Date, Alexander Mallin and Julia Cherner
December 21, 2023 Story from US Pierre Thomas, Jack Date, Alexander Mallin, Julia Cherner , ABC News
Deputy AG Monaco says claims of politicization 'a disservice' to Justice Department personnel
By Alexander Mallin, Pierre Thomas, Julia Cherner and Jack Date
December 24, 2023 Story from Politics Alexander Mallin, Pierre Thomas, Julia Cherner, Jack Date , ABC News
Democrats troll GOP Miami debate with mobile billboard attacking Trump, Republican candidates
By Libby Cathey and Julia Cherner
November 8, 2023 Story from Politics Libby Cathey, Julia Cherner , ABC News
Chef José Andrés says Israel's 'unforgivable' strike on his aid workers must force 'real reckoning'
By Meghan Mistry and Julia Cherner
April 7, 2024 Story from Politics Meghan Mistry, Julia Cherner , ABC News
Language on climate change, ESG removed from company website of Montana GOP Senate candidate
By Tal Axelrod and Julia Cherner
July 21, 2023 Story from Politics Tal Axelrod, Julia Cherner , ABC News
San Francisco mayor defends city's reputation, argues 'hard decisions' must be made for progress
By Julia Cherner
November 19, 2023 Story from Politics Julia Cherner , ABC News
Climate advocates want to solve their 'biggest problem' in the US: Turning out voters
By MaryAlice Parks, Julia Cherner and Kelly Livingston
April 21, 2024 Story from US MaryAlice Parks, Julia Cherner, Kelly Livingston , ABC News
What 3 Pennsylvania Trump supporters said about the former president
By Julia Cherner and Adam Carlson
January 30, 2024 Story from Politics Julia Cherner, Adam Carlson , ABC News
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