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BTS on performing as special presidential envoys at UN, hopes for future concerts
By Nadine Shubailat
September 23, 2021 Story from Entertainment Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Cokie Roberts' husband: Part of her legacy was telling women 'you can do this'
By Nadine Shubailat
October 31, 2021 Story from Politics Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
South Korean President Moon talks North Korea's nuclear activities, BTS' new diplomacy role
By Nadine Shubailat
September 21, 2021 Story from International Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
BTS on COVID-19 pandemic's mental toll, band's viral UN appearance
By Nadine Shubailat
September 24, 2021 Story from US Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
This Fortune 500 company has a plan for reopening amid COVID-19 -- and is sharing it with everyone
By Nadine Shubailat and James Hill
April 16, 2020 Story from Business Nadine Shubailat, James Hill , ABC News
Clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine begin at University of Oxford
By Guy Davies and Nadine Shubailat
April 24, 2020 Story from International Guy Davies, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Charter school at epicenter of COVID-19 crisis steps up to help through the pandemic
By Arielle Mitropoulos and Nadine Shubailat
May 23, 2020 Story from US Arielle Mitropoulos, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
'Road map' to recovery report: 20 million coronavirus tests per day needed to fully open economy
By Teri Whitcraft, Bill Hutchinson and Nadine Shubailat
April 20, 2020 Story from US Teri Whitcraft, Bill Hutchinson, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Experts call for new national public health workforce to trace spread of COVID-19 cases
By Nadine Shubailat, James Hill and Benjamin Siegel
April 14, 2020 Story from US Nadine Shubailat, James Hill, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Virtual tip jars are helping workers in one of the hardest hit industries in the country
By Nadine Shubailat
March 22, 2020 Story from US Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
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