Bill Hader talks the making of 'Barry'

Hader appears on "Popcorn with Peter Travers" and talks about how he came up with the idea for his dark comedy series, "Barry."
3:00 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Bill Hader talks the making of 'Barry'
So everybody had Peter Travers this is popcorn we we tell you with pop and in the culture. And today my guest is Bill Hader. Who is the star Barry be brighter Barry BI director Barry V co creator of what what do you do do you handle catering the it seems that everything on and you know this and eat to me who I was just telling you before. I think not only is it a great show but it's in its second season he's just and is to be as good as if not better than he's alive until what are you doing. I don't know we're just taken it just following the story were rethink it should. Oh in. I I often than not will apparently social media error user in mind that it actually work anything sorry. Yeah no but I plan and not late for that purpose of said times have numerous allies use. Read everything and then. It would make you mess with the thing when you brought it back in ethical people like we do this. They have to be produced at the reunion when it puts a weird pressure so now they think because I've we we feel it were me and back to you made it. And we're just following this story words ago maybe. And her out that. I have no good answer mythical I don't know I had known now a pretty long time I've always suspected there was the dark twisted side do you yeah yeah. Is he. At least come out and block. In front of every I think for the I'm assuming your family feels that way there on things and restrained. Violent people weird and twisted bill this. But it's it for me he knew when your enemy its war comedy best actor in it and yet there are moments some action there. Poor I'm not laugh at all now now and that's what we kind of like about it is an I was kind of thing when we first met with. HBO they're really interest it and we don't Wallach a sketch. Thing from you we you know we feel that we've seen news yet allow Felix had chemical skeleton twins via vegan. They so you know we they'd just seen man ago that. Care pre Clayton you know something this I mean you know votes as paid those things you know. You know just he just human beans heavy interest things so we we. Allen organize that damages. Over the idea now now. To see what do what was that what was that first. Image you Barry here that she wanted to somehow. Put on the screen honestly who is this shot at and then between two people on an airplane. It is them asleep and then the person next film opens up the window you know light crimson. He does he's uncomfortable. And that immediately wasn't that wasn't John way it wasn't anything cool and you know I mean it was like bats this guy's life beneath it man needs the guys sitting you know he's testifying you know. You know. The economy needs caddies you know res you know distancing traveling salesman. And we thought that was an interest thing. And then the idea that you won acting class because. For some reason it touches him emotionally it is something you know stands on some level. That he needs something you know that was actors. Initially our first idea he was kind of like the movie version of it hit man. And and then we decided let's make him marine. And then just make a marine selling grounded inning gave him this interest in back story. That was fruitful ones in terms of like now on the second season we do you know we started right in his second season at what's that light what was his experience. And help ease and how can you within easy and and counts he thinks that's the worst thing you. Average and but it's not. And then him having their realize that it now. But everybody has even roots care actor and relinquished care actor no home pain but in any caring and mr. Goldberg's character. Sally you know all those. People were trying to you know. Get deeper with so in terms of the violence in the show. When you decided. How are we gonna play this you know because that has been real. And an another angle it has to be something else he had I was Richie you before that one I think it's episode five some positive. Ronnie slash Willie father and daughter that won't die. Oh yet. A I don't know where and how the idea of that comes from you and. Now I got. Well it came as weird of less so weighed weighed down one hour or stunt coordinator during season one thing there's this little girl named Jesse it is a stunt performer I just work mr. Her parents or stomp performers I'm just letting you know. She's. She can view martial arts he can you show me is real of her doing all these crazy things. And he's like so for some reason. In season two if you need a little girl. To beat up bearish. Let me now. And showed us well it's somebody's getting beat up AA elite he's my little girl cat and since then we kind unit to be game rain season sees that we line this Ronnie proximate. And as where I was mapping it out I went away one at that little girl is his daughter and she was in the mouse. And then you can have a nice moment we're vary. Gets rid of Ronnie and then he's asleep and then as a little girl there and you go alone oh. Lieutenant Phillips did and it turns at the age he is tougher there as she might name the of this World Series says like she's some minor thing. And now she's honorees toppings he has this weird links green mean. You loan yet she sounds like raptor there's something these things. That she she's. So we. We he knows kind of lying. I kind of went off on my own and wrote that episode dealing kind of presented it to the room usually worked out all right in as a group in Phnom and then we outlining give it to writers. But that when I kind of secretly when often dated and came back slightly as Spain and and they were relate to that you notes that now Alec very smartly was like as did it is one make sure we did some plot stuff and and that and that the emotional thing is clear. And and it's only so I went back and added those things with him his day dreams of going back and scene Fuchs. And and the editing is that these why wouldn't you just hold her office basement she bites is the case why wouldn't you just pull off base Italy stunned. In a new though it's terrible. So we talk in the nuclei from. All you know like at what it what it. You know he's yeah as the of the wound on my back and he's got filled with super glue an early he super loses him to this thing that was. Now as. I didn't end so nobody wanted to intervention with fewer and now now I thought I hate my. Good yes I I mean mail has yet he had seen the doctors and let me out of the right. Leon by less than the yet they have the butterfly net and everything had to climb review lax with this aren't because that's an. At the end of the new movie nerd of all our or moving here ever during the S and now days that you tell me that when you've been its. You can put yourself in a hotel room. Well with the Blu-ray and dvd at W Berkeley favorite movie gap existed in there and do. Yeah everybody else would be party and probably gained not living a life or being outside the art like just announced. Yeah. Not me it is. Who creating Russian literature much Jeanne picnic at hanging rock on got it out of that room. Like I showed them. You really want to know whip Barry comes from loneliness is. They won't affect. I don't believe in that room being lonely ever the diet it's now who is handling this great. Down on you Rhode Island nervous wreck yeah I am and that's at eight years DA. Again now total nervous wreck the whole towns and that's known. And and and and real eggs I eighty and I think. A lot of people fired and rightfully so that as its been dramatic you know I think I was easily right hand and analysts you know. And is very nervous and he would think after the third season. You'd have gotten Ono widow Constance. None that I got in my head that was like maybe I'm making myself there's that Philly and need to be useful in oriented news show. Non business and is this very area is alive aspect that is a thing of the red light going and now we're live all over the nation and and I asked the land this joke one chance to do it all that pressure was only economy. So yet doing area there's been moments later Rodgers might produce from his building and you've been working pretty much nonstop murder couple months need to break promises nothing. In. And compared it to us and them. This isn't live that's the client I can fix it this way you know I messed up my line there I was I think like there's a part of it doesn't Wear my dialogue that drives some of the actors crazy that it's always like take three finally Gelman lines right now but were rumbling category and they're looking lupus. You didn't want them to hear those should be the one person that knows just how do not know this anomaly in the make it through my side slate. Wait what does those would because I wrote it yet you have a lot of my head mind you know. But I did I feel like because I and the second hate them almost like doesn't matter we can do another take. On the other that the actors area have they probably now and they say we don't really have to be here doping. Though takes forever at night think about it excellent at two. This is but Philly. Playing the part I'm operating much more in on intuition. That I have in the past probably because I am wearing how many aunts and I am. You know think you know liked when he different things and I'll be you know Stephen Root goes is that I'll be doing this scene with them and and he's performing them going. And he's like billiard mounting. That's hugging a mile lines the don't know your lines and I'm like no I just I'm thinking is this story you know I'm thinking like oh yeah this makes sense of that skid. Some only do this thing later now that makes sense Jay and others make sense slate I'm it's like the writer had still there while on in the scene and is it drives them nuts and right. Please. I get there not here well something could. Not all the time. Not knotted things. No because. They think I was really happy got to see you win your enemy and Henry wink or a man and news that you review and you look like you've never expected this to happen. At all is fully through your head black eyes kind of this. People say this and people don't believe that I line and I'm being. Hannah viola I do not remember. Miami's that I do not remember the Emmy acceptance speech but I I it was like. As I don't remember it and then named by his home played it back from him was like I legit and armored I was so shocked. Mixing and news like I was backstage at Michael Douglas lake and regulations hidden away why. And a heaven and Elaine you know. Here. That they are were very active bludgeon you with what I'm doing now and then has been backstage and it slowly dawned on me is those backstage and when it happened slaves. Was that you know. So you don't you're not feeling of validation from that as much as you're feeling still some anxiety. I think the validation for me always comes through scene that thing in in seemly. Having used say I like Ronnie in Lillie that's the thing Maria all coal Peter Travers school right on you know ultimately that's. That did make friends and people I respect liking it is you know. So additional means unity you wanted to Toro tweeted about it mostly. To you now on any night hitting and it's like you loved it. Now was cited for Oklahoma I'm that's both good yeah. So I mean that that stuff. As well you know order my dad and me to use this news pulse texting afterwards going that was. Or we love this or whatever that that. That always makes me feel really get your kids are still you know watching bear now he had they would wanna watch even if you know. They world anyway. That young kids that apparently Taylor. Time. We're. You know his voice that is as plain fear an inside out. You know like we lots of an ounce from third. I get that there it is there. They're not as impressive it is want me to be a dad please don't be. Something else in a dispute your dad right totally I guess that under present right you think that didn't. I mean you're doing. The part two of its. Right yap and well so who you you're I'm Emory teaches them thin. Then we'll part of that made him grow older son Richie Rich in the glasses. Put in the one who never thought yet trash now yes yes acts. To do it yet yet they said who's that guy finds himself really funny. With his bill. Who someone is really that they define themselves openly areas whose name is famous for relaxing in its own jokes. It's strange because you're saying that I keep thinking of this recent episode of Barry where Jay Roach and his casting people basically want you because you're tall. Yes it's too ahead of us firms on an Allen that's her real thing now a year ago. I went and for an audition. And someone had the poster and they look the other personally god is five elevenths and looking for solid 62 to be next to them. So for the poster just looks that the tall persons or person mostly. And I didn't get idiot anyway I'm sixty news slash I mean that really matter if you're at reading because that Barry was very it's a college area or dabbling. Jack. Alec have variances Jay Roach. Is Jay Roach to make its one word he has no idea who he is and knowing what is here with a feature yea yea I'd like he doesn't know determined late this is for featuring is not removed. He's saying is that not for a movie. And then and then that. Yet it's now and gene and everybody and would kill for this opportunity Barry gets it does as he's calling its rate which is in me. Says that's. That's how our government that critique you where she's Haiti you. Might that this thing that's a moment hours there Goldberg as that this is that it's like a three page monologue and we never there. And she. Way capitalism as we sat with. You know lists are confidently silence as there writers orderly OK what's going on through sap what's going on in salaries and and it would the list is too long and that we talked to Sarah where do you think she's that Billick thinks she's here you know and we had how we make a scene and hit all these points. So what if I know Sarah it can memorize a lot of stuff. He thought Clinton might meet with fifth. Though I think we PCs that if she goes from feeders so as platelets is there late this this late monologue with no punctuation at lake just one long run on sentence. That for three pages and I bet you he's in jail and was put are all in there and Montserrat added to where she added wars after it. And yet we did that four times and every time the crew applaud the obviously you know how I legit don't know how you do I know I could. Watch one little clip from Barrow at one week you can talk while it 08 disrespectful. If you do that and we run that. Yeah petition. You in. Addition we had to go find this and rain he won. The Regis and should be paying something reckless and what's the point does the name is color remember when I watched this in the props thing that is an aircraft apparently. You know he's been doing something we didn't blow last companies pains. This whole scene came about that he is on every age it's a lot of lines. I think decently. Oh no and you say oh we're just a bunch of swim instructors. Faxed a tidal creek and contact Thomas. In my life being the guy that always at the title of the movie like I was the guy that was late Rio de. You should forget about Sarah Marshall like the extra effort to get their Mara I would say that guy like this train wreck. I think your brain right only the person. That I would say aligned that would set up. The singing like you know what you should go to Hawaii and those things just get away for awhile and it's like I know that's going to be in the trailer. And always would be well might I and a train wreck and it's late. In the trailer let's take a couple of questions from the people out there in the great beyond oh yes OK afflicted that you're from Varian owning. Mr. is determined to find their good nature yet. Shown overseas. Beautifully red. Thank you you can. And Lyndon can't. Yeah I don't mean. Our conflicted to eighth and fifth. I just feel like there's no telling her to her earlier of late. John Murray on a play the genre thing it's like everybody has reason Liz and you have to have some. Sense of empathy for all weird characters. Or it doesn't work. You know what it's like you're talking damned of the character it doesn't work for what he's conflicted but no hanging is turned out to be one of the great. He's like those we exit Bailey's we eat he's. Not yet this season is like last night's episode he's shows it. He's like I'm not a bad guy you know an in moment where he's gonna kill these like I'm not I. You know. When you're on that and doing anything with all collapse when no hall Hank is that thing yells at the accordion player if you watched that he says yelling at this accordion player. And my head is turned away when people wave him because I was laughing and then Henry weekly at a scene where. He goes oh you know. This quid called that to any people and his political scene goes he goes behind and he used in death trap. This is a cost index Philip blood when he was shot Hewitt and and if you watch addicted to shots over my Feller my advisor close because they couldn't look at and it does every time Hugo office. Art let's do one more. Check back with you want to director on the yes. I'm allowed to direct movies like you you're directing or acting vary in time. Yeah I am writing something. Now lists only late. Some that I would be that would direct. Indians. If that happens to be Coleman denies that planted thing related news direct the movie but it is of him essentially doing them area which. Man and him with EU one DGA award doing. Accidentally these programs now travel and milk and here he do that I could see that it would really if you have accumulated. Now. Just let me show you what those are also linked it could care less about those that are happening Natalie. But that wives of is that woman with wings. I'm an idiot. It was that he didn't ask that now character that they. Showed them step on an error of confuse. It. I'll bet you that would step months. Oh now about college using the Ares I don't know everything there it was you want their victim witnesses. You know would have its clubs is club you want to coupled with I think he lives in a garbage can step on him and regards him. Midnight habit yet Boyd stepped on for them and they were just line. It's. Part build world where we end we always and so. You always you always have gone now are. It's have a song here okay okay okay never failed me okay what's on eyewitness thing the end thing. Why wouldn't look what's wrong is buried listening to the what do you think. Your but why did you. He going on. I don't know where that kids that grew boat. Re really. Folk FI gold. I'm all right. Half. The average would joked. We think. If you safe. That you know obviously billiard troubled man. I am now well but now we appreciate obvious. Who are suffering. You know they don't others and a parole officer mark evil right over here there. All guns pointed at me. It's that you lived.

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