The best beach chairs of 2024 for your needs

From lounging to storage, these chairs do it all.

May 14, 2024, 3:02 PM
Shop the best beach chair for your needs
Shop the best beach chair for your needs
ABC News Photo Illustration, Amazon, Tommy Bahama

Choosing the right beach chair can transform your seaside experience from good to great.

Whether you prioritize sun protection, portability, or comfort, there's a chair on this list to meet your needs. When shopping for a beach chair, consider durability, portability, comfort, and additional features such as cup holders or storage pockets.

Materials matter, too; chairs made from rust-resistant aluminum or quick-dry fabric are typically more durable. Adjustable recline settings and padded headrests add comfort, while backpack-style straps enhance portability.

PHOTO: Shop the best beach chair for your needs
Shop the best beach chair for your needs
ABC News Photo Illustration, Amazon, Tommy Bahama

Types of beach chairs:

  • Classic Beach Chairs: These sit low to the ground and are perfect for relaxing as they allow you to stretch your legs in the sand comfortably.
  • Backpack Chairs: Equipped with straps for easy carrying, these chairs are ideal for those who prefer hiking to a secluded beach.
  • Canopy Beach Chairs: These come with built-in canopies, providing essential shade and protection from the sun.
  • Lounge Chairs: For the ultimate in relaxation, these chairs fully recline to let you lie flat and often include padded surfaces for extra comfort.
  • Folding Chairs: Highly portable, these chairs fold into a compact size, making them easy to transport and store.

How to choose the best beach chair

Take a look at the different types of beach chairs available and our top picks for every beachgoers.

Selecting the ideal beach chair involves matching your needs with the chair's features. First, think about the ease of transportation; if you have a longer walk to your beach spot, a lightweight, backpack-style chair might be ideal. Consider the frame material and fabric for durability—aluminum frames and polyester fabric offer longevity and resistance to the elements.

For added luxury, look for chairs with amenities like cup holders, storage pockets and adjustable recline positions.

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Tommy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Sunset Stripe Deluxe Backpack Beach Chair

This chair features a built-in cooler, storage pouch, and towel bar, with easy-to-adjust back positions.

Best for: All-day comfort and convenience with its cooler and storage for beach essentials.

  • $89.50
  • Tommy Bahama

RIO Beach Classic 5-Position Lay-Flat Folding Beach Chair

Offering five adjustable positions including lie-flat for an ideal sunbathing experience, this chair has a drink holder and padded shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Best for: Sunbathing and long days under the sun with its adjustable recline.

  • $58.06
  • Amazon

Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

This chair includes an overhead canopy with UPF 50+ protection that transforms into a carry bag and an armrest that converts to backpack straps.

Best for: Sun protection and easy transport, perfect for sunny, bright days.

  • $55.76
  • Walmart
11% off

Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

This is a lightweight, low-to-the-ground chair with a relaxed back, mesh fabric, and a cup holder. Despite its low profile, this chair can hold up to 250 pounds.

Best for: Quick trips to the beach and easy setup.

  • $38
  • $42.99
  • Amazon

Helinox Beach Chair

Known for its easy setup and robust construction, this chair combines comfort with durability.

Best for: Durability in various beach environments, from sandy beaches to rocky shores.

  • $169.95
  • Amazon

GCI Outdoor Waterside Captain's Folding Beach Chair

Featuring an SPF sunshade, mesh backrest, and side table with a beverage holder this chair is easy to pack up and take on-the-go whenever your next beach day calls. 

Best for: Those who enjoy a bit of shade and a place to set snacks and drinks.

  • $80
  • Amazon

KingCamp Low Folding Beach Chair

A low and stable chair with a breathable mesh back and a comfortable headrest makes this perfect for a fun-filled day of water play or supervising kids by the shore.

Best for: Long beach days and water activities, thanks to its quick-dry fabric.

  • $59.99
  • Amazon

Ostrich 3N1 Reclining Beach Chair

Unique for its face cavity for face-down lounging and arm slots for reading, this chair is a must for stomach-sleepers who love to rest beachside. 

Best for: Comfortable lounging and reading on the beach.

  • $134.19
  • Amazon
25% off

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair

This chair comes equipped with a full-coverage umbrella and a built-in insulated pocket. It has three reclining options as well as a detachable footrest.

Best for: Full sun protection and keeping beverages cool.

  • $59.81
  • $79.75
  • Amazon

Mac Sports Foldable Lounge Chair with Integrated Wagon Pull Cart

With a robust construction, wide frame and beach-ready wheels, this chair-turned wagon is perfect for all your beach-day needs.

Best for: Heavy-duty use and people who bring a lot of stuff to the beach.

  • $166.97
  • Amazon

Water Buffalo Beach Chair

Despite its low profile, this chair has three recline positions, a cup holder, and a 300-pound weight capacity.

Best for: Beachgoers who need a simple yet functional chair.

  • $129.95
  • Amazon