The best outdoor televisions in 2024 to entertain in any environment

The IP rating system determines a product's ability to withstand elements.

April 16, 2024, 12:42 PM

Outdoor entertainment can be a transformative addition to a patio, porch, or yard to turn the space from a casual lounge environment to an entertainment forum. However, not just any television can withstand the elements to provide a high quality picture outside the walls of a home.

Outdoor televisions are offered by a variety of well-respected TV brands for an option to bring high quality entertainment outdoors.

With the advancement of entertainment technology, outdoor televisions can offer the same quality despite the weather or atmosphere. Poolside televisions with weather and waterproof capabilities and adjustable display settings to adjust for glare and backlighting make it easier than ever to leave a television outdoors year-round without worrying about damage.

Shop the best outdoor televisions made to withstand the elements
Shop the best outdoor televisions made to withstand the elements.
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What to consider when buying an outdoor TV

The International Electronic Commission, a non-profit that looks to bring together global technologies, developed a scale to determine how suitable a technology product is for outdoor use. The system uses two to three digits and is called the IP rating system.

"The IEC has developed the ingress protection (IP) ratings, which grade the resistance of an enclosure against the intrusion of dust or liquids. The ratings are widely used throughout industry," states the IEC website.

The first digit, in the IP code, ranking from zero to six, refers to how suitable a product is to withstand solid foreign objects, such as dust.

The second digit, ranking from zero to nine, identifies the product's suitability to withstand water.

Top outdoor TVs

These brands offer outdoor televisions labeled with a high IP rating, meaning the IEC has determined that the product is able to withstand solids and liquids.

These products may be better suited to place in your outdoor patio or porch arrangement to make sunny days on the hammock that much more enjoyable. While shoppers should consider a variety of factors when purchasing an outdoor TV like portability and anti-glare options, the IP rating is a helpful way to ensure that products are prepared for the great outdoors.

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SYLVOX 65'' Outdoor TV Waterproof 4K Television

The IP55 rating indicates this TV model is a good fit for an outdoor envirionment. According to the IEC scale, the 55 rating demonstrates the product is "dust-protected" and jet-projected water against the TV will not damage the product.

  • $1899.00
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SunBrite Veranda 2 Series 55-inch Full Shade Outdoor TV

The IP55 rating on this one also satisfies a good ability to endure elements. The product's "rugged case and components are designed for permanent outdoor installation," according to the description

  • $1768.95
  • $1999
  • Amazon

Furrion Aurora 49-inch Full Shade Outdoor TV

The Furrion Aurora IP54 offers an elevated protection against solid matter, while still offering weather-proofed protection against liquid. A 4 water rating protects against splashing water in any direction.

  • $1599.99
  • Amazon

SYLVOX 43 inch Outdoor Signage TV

The IP66 rating indicates a strong protection from solids and water. A 6 rating in solid protection means the TV is "dust tight," while a 6 rating in water protection indicates protection from "powerful water jets" from any direction

  • $1608.49
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SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED 4K The Terrace Partial Sun Outdoor

The Samsung product's rating indicates it offers protection against dust and water to fit an outdoor living space. The Terrace also has built-in Alexa for smart functions.

  • $2997.99
  • $3499.99
  • Amazon

SunBrite 55-Inch Outdoor Television 4K with HDR

The product's IP55 offers a standard protection combined with the option to turn brightness up to three times original form

  • $4868.00
  • Amazon

ULTCOVER Waterproof Outdoor TV Cover

This outdoor cover offers an added layer of protection for new outdoor TV's to ensure a clear image.

  • $19.99
  • Amazon

Portable TV Options


LG 27-Inch Class StanbyMe 1080p-Portable Touch-Screen-Monitor

The touch screen and simple design allows for more portable options to turn more rooms into entertainment spaces.

  • $996.99
  • Amazon

Tyler 14" Portable TV LCD Monitor

At a lower price point, this portable TV monitor has built-in batteries for more convenience when using on the go.

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