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USA Pickleball approves paddles and balls for official gameplay.

May 15, 2024, 3:06 PM

As summer sports come into focus, some will turn to the trend that’s become a mainstay in parks, athletic clubs and even sidewalks across America: pickleball.

The convenience of pickleball is given proper circumstances as the game can be played anywhere outdoors, weather permitting. The items necessary for use are a pickleball paddle, a handful of pickleball balls, and a sturdy pickleball net. A variety of tennis shoes can double as pickleball shoes which provide the necessary support and grip to dominate the court.

PHOTO: Shop the best gear to play pickleball.
Shop the best gear to play pickleball.
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USA Pickleball is the national governing body for the trendy sport in the U.S.“The mission of USA Pickleball is to promote the development and growth of pickleball in the United States and its territories,” states the organization's website.

As part of their goal to standardize the sport, USA Pickleball publishes an approved list of paddles and balls to play the sport. The Equipment Evaluation Committee (EEC) works with the National Testing Service (NTS) and USA Pickleball to accredit the equipment.

Approved pickleball paddles

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niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set of 2

Strength components like polymer honeycomb and carbon fiber make these paddles a sturdy option for gameplay.

  • $75.99
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  • Amazon

Rokne Taktical 3K Raw Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

According to the product description, the extra grip allows for an easier transition from tennis to pickleball.

  • $189.99
  • Walmart

JOOLA Essentials Pickleball Paddle

The grip on this paddle combats moisture build up on the handle to make for a sturdier grip.

  • $59.95
  • Walmart
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Aihoye PRO Pickleball Paddles

According to the product description, the build of the paddle is compatible for players looking to emphasize their spin shot.

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  • $69.99
  • Amazon
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Prince 6-pc. Pickleball Bundle

This bundle includes products to get the game started with two pickleball paddles and four pickleball balls.

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  • Kohl's

Approved pickleball balls

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Selkirk Pro S1 Ball

The lime green coloring of the ball can be easy to track in any environment.

  • $29.99
  • $35.00
  • Amazon
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Diadem Premier Power Pickleballs

According to the product description, these balls can perform in a wide range of temperatures.

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  • $159.95
  • Amazon
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Asbocer Pickleball Balls

The included mesh bag makes the balls easy to transport from court to court.

  • $15.15
  • $20.99
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Shoes and nets for pickleball



These shoes function for tennis or pickleball and offer heel support for quick movements on the court.

  • $160.00
  • Adidas


These shoes are built to grip hard courts, like pickleball courts, to maintain balance through the game.

  • $70
  • Adidas

Pickleball Net Portable Driveway

Portable pickleball nets allow for the game to be played anywhere you can find the space.

  • $89.99
  • Amazon