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Husband sold his sneakers to pay for wife's IVF. Now she's over 4 months pregnant
After eight miscarriages and two failed IUIs, Lauren and EJ Wynn decided to try IVF treatment in hopes of starting a family.
January 13, 2022 Video from GMA ABC News
Republicans seize on crime in the midterms, but some locals say they are still waiting for real solutions
By MaryAlice Parks and Briana Stewart
October 26, 2022 Story from Politics MaryAlice Parks, Briana Stewart , ABC News
Oakland parents join teachers in 1-day strike over school closures
By Briana Stewart
April 29, 2022 Story from US Briana Stewart , ABC News
Prince William describes 'profound sorrow' over slavery in Jamaica speech
By Katie Kindelan and Briana Stewart
March 24, 2022 Story from GMA Katie Kindelan, Briana Stewart , ABC News
Ancestry uses lost letters to reunite a former slave's family more than a century later
By Briana Stewart and Kenneth Moton
June 20, 2022 Story from GMA Briana Stewart, Kenneth Moton , ABC News
Buffalo supermarket at center of deadly shooting a community lifeline
By Ashan Singh, Paulina Tam, Sally Hawkins and Briana Stewart
May 18, 2022 Story from US Ashan Singh, Paulina Tam, Sally Hawkins, Briana Stewart , ABC News
Gun violence interrupters point to promise of intervention programs
By Briana Stewart and Zachary Kiesch
February 8, 2022 Story from US Briana Stewart, Zachary Kiesch , ABC News
'We're not going back': Hillary Clinton speaks out on abortion rights
By Briana Stewart
May 6, 2022 Story from Politics Briana Stewart , ABC News
Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder plans to plead the Fifth in Flint lawsuit
By Briana Stewart
March 17, 2022 Story from US Briana Stewart , ABC News
Mom whose son was injured in Buffalo shooting uses book drive to educate others
By Kendall Coughlin and Briana Stewart
June 13, 2022 Story from GMA Kendall Coughlin, Briana Stewart , ABC News
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