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22-year-old Ojibwe robotics inventor promotes tech education among Indigenous youth
Danielle Boyer founded her nonprofit The STEAM Connection to provide educational opportunities among Native American communities — combining both in the form of robots that teach Indigenous languages.
November 30, 2022 Video from GMA ABC News
4 ways your family can waste less food and save more money
Dr. Anita Vandyke, a rocket scientist, medical student and author, shares some of her best tips like creating an "Eat First" bin to avoid wasting food.
August 24, 2022 Video from GMA ABC News
Tennessee House ousts 2 Democratic lawmakers: What's next
By Amanda Su
April 8, 2023 Story from Politics Amanda Su , ABC News
Jewish leaders call on GOP to take stronger stance on condemning antisemitism
By Amanda Su
November 6, 2022 Story from US Amanda Su , ABC News
Black Army veteran sues Colorado Springs police officers over alleged beating
By Amanda Su
December 22, 2022 Story from US Amanda Su , ABC News
Native American creators pave the way for more Indigenous stories, representation in Hollywood
By Robyn Weil and Amanda Su
November 3, 2022 Story from GMA Robyn Weil, Amanda Su , ABC News
Efforts launched to recover the history and identities of the nation's 1st Black Marines
By Kandis Mascall and Amanda Su
November 11, 2022 Story from GMA Kandis Mascall, Amanda Su , ABC News
Officers make 1st court appearance in Randy Cox case, man paralyzed in police custody
By Amanda Su
December 8, 2022 Story from US Amanda Su , ABC News
Actress Anna May Wong is 1st Asian American to appear on US currency
By Amanda Su
October 19, 2022 Story from GMA Amanda Su , ABC News
Why Philadelphia's district attorney was impeached by Pennsylvania's Republican-led House
By Amanda Su
November 17, 2022 Story from Politics Amanda Su , ABC News
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