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Trump impeachment trial complicates 2020 Democrats' time on campaign trail
By Benjamin Siegel, Cheyenne Haslett and Rachel Scott
January 18, 2020 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Cheyenne Haslett, Rachel Scott , ABC News
House to vote Wednesday on sending Trump impeachment articles to Senate
By Benjamin Siegel, Katherine Faulders and John Parkinson
January 14, 2020 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Katherine Faulders, John Parkinson , ABC News
Articles of impeachment delivered to Senate, triggering historic trial of President Trump
By Benjamin Siegel, Katherine Faulders, John Parkinson and Stephanie Ebbs
January 15, 2020 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Katherine Faulders, John Parkinson, Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
Pelosi says impeachment articles will be delivered 'soon,' but doesn't give timetable
By Benjamin Siegel
January 9, 2020 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Pelosi does not rule out possibility of subpoenaing testimony if Senate skips witnesses
By Benjamin Siegel and Adia Robinson
January 12, 2020 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Adia Robinson , ABC News
Pelosi plans to send impeachment articles to Senate next week
By Katherine Faulders and Benjamin Siegel
January 10, 2020 Story from Politics Katherine Faulders, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Impeachment standoff continues as McConnell says Senate impeachment trial will go forward without decision on witnesses
By Mariam Khan and Benjamin Siegel
January 8, 2020 Story from Politics Mariam Khan, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Did Pelosi cave on impeachment? Depends on who you ask: ANALYSIS
By Anne Flaherty and Benjamin Siegel
January 11, 2020 Story from Politics Anne Flaherty, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Democrats target Mnuchin after Treasury eases sanctions on Russian oligarch
By Benjamin Siegel, Matthew Mosk and Lucien Bruggeman
January 30, 2019 Story from Politics Benjamin Siegel, Matthew Mosk, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Rep. Ilhan Omar in fiery exchange after Trump and GOP demand she be removed from a foreign policy committee
By Cheyenne Haslett and Benjamin Siegel
February 13, 2019 Story from Politics Cheyenne Haslett, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
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