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5 victims, shooter dead; 5 police officers injured in shooting at workplace in Aurora, Illinois
By Meghan Keneally and Chris Francescani
February 16, 2019 Story from US Meghan Keneally, Chris Francescani , ABC News
Lawyer Michael Avenatti could owe his estranged wife and child $1.5 million in spousal and child support: Court records
By Kaitlyn Folmer and Chris Francescani
December 13, 2018 Story from US Kaitlyn Folmer, Chris Francescani , ABC News
4 charged after breaking into West Virginia mine: Police
By Karma Allen, Chris Francescani and Matt Zarrell
December 27, 2018 Story from US Karma Allen, Chris Francescani, Matt Zarrell , ABC News
Spacey accuser could be forced to testify next month after key piece of evidence in case goes missing
By Chris Francescani and Aaron Katersky
June 21, 2019 Story from US Chris Francescani, Aaron Katersky , ABC News
How 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett relentlessly defended his story against a gathering storm of skepticism
By Chris Francescani
February 21, 2019 Story from US Chris Francescani , ABC News
Baby found dead in New York City was murdered: Officials
By Aaron Katersky and Chris Francescani
May 10, 2019 Story from US Aaron Katersky, Chris Francescani , ABC News
Bill Cosby appeals his sex assault conviction on grounds that additional accusers were wrongly allowed to testify
By Chris Francescani
June 25, 2019 Story from US Chris Francescani , ABC News
Nearly 18 years after 9/11, the federal air marshals program is in 'crisis'
By Chris Francescani
September 5, 2019 Story from US Chris Francescani , ABC News
Guaido urges opposition onward in Venezuela, defends apparently failed plot to oust Maduro
By Ian Pannell and Chris Francescani
May 4, 2019 Story from International Ian Pannell, Chris Francescani , ABC News
The rise and fall of Kevin Spacey: A timeline of sexual assault allegations
By Chris Francescani
June 3, 2019 Story from US Chris Francescani , ABC News
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