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COVID-19 may have impacted our children’s learning progress in school: Where do we go from here?
By Eden David
January 30, 2023 Story from Health Eden David , ABC News
Record number of deaths in US from cardiovascular disease early in pandemic: Report shows
By Eden David and Jennifer Miao
January 26, 2023 Story from Health Eden David , Jennifer Miao , ABC News
Tori Spelling says daughter has migraine condition: What to know about hemiplegic migraines
By Katie Kindelan and Eden David
January 20, 2023 Story from GMA Katie Kindelan, Eden David , ABC News
Some cheaper egg alternatives may be healthy but don't match an egg's nutritional value
By Eden David
January 23, 2023 Story from GMA Eden David , ABC News
Know the risks: Where you are most likely to get coronavirus
By Eden David
May 16, 2020 Story from Health Eden David , ABC News
Confidence in vaccines low in some major European countries amid global measles outbreaks
By Meghan Keneally and Eden David
June 19, 2019 Story from Health Meghan Keneally, Eden David , ABC News
How US hospitals are preparing for novel coronavirus
By Eden David
March 2, 2020 Story from Health Eden David , ABC News
When will we know if COVID-19 antibodies prevent reinfection?
By Eden David and Sasha Pezenik
April 22, 2020 Story from Health Eden David , Sasha Pezenik , ABC News
Coronavirus death toll in US likely worse than numbers say
By Dr. Mark Abdelmalek, Josh Margolin, Aaron Katersky and Eden David
April 7, 2020 Story from Health Dr. Mark Abdelmalek, Josh Margolin, Aaron Katersky, Eden David , ABC News
Falling through the cracks: Overwhelmed system leads to coronavirus tests mishandled, delayed
By Sasha Pezenik and Eden David
July 26, 2020 Story from Health Sasha Pezenik, Eden David , ABC News
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