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Statue commemorates President George H.W. Bush's service dog, Sully
Sully, President George H.W. Bush's service dog, was honored with a sculpture at the late president's museum in Texas.
December 3, 2019 Video from GMA ABC News
'Insulin or death': New Hampshire voters gripped by skyrocketing drug prices
By Devin Dwyer, Gina Sunseri and Jacqueline Yoo
February 11, 2020 Story from Politics Devin Dwyer, Gina Sunseri, Jacqueline Yoo , ABC News
Mom diagnoses son's rare illness after seeing stranger's posts on Facebook
By Katie Kindelan and Gina Sunseri
November 25, 2019 Story from GMA Katie Kindelan, Gina Sunseri , ABC News
NASA's Parker Solar Probe to give closest look ever at the sun
By Gina Sunseri and Bopha Phorn
August 12, 2018 Story from News Gina Sunseri, Bopha Phorn , ABC News
NASA's new planet hunter explores universe, searches for 'signatures of life'
By Gina Sunseri
April 15, 2018 Story from US Gina Sunseri , ABC News
'I thought I was gonna die right there': Nurse's harrowing escape from California wildfire
By Will Carr, Gina Sunseri and Emily Shapiro
November 12, 2018 Story from US Will Carr, Gina Sunseri, Emily Shapiro , ABC News
'He fooled us': Friends of man who allegedly killed pregnant wife, daughters speak out after shocking arrest
By Clayton Sandell, Emily Shapiro and Gina Sunseri
August 16, 2018 Story from US Clayton Sandell, Emily Shapiro, Gina Sunseri , ABC News
InSight, NASA's latest mission, hopes to dig deep into Mars' surface
By Gina Sunseri
May 4, 2018 Story from US Gina Sunseri , ABC News
George H.W. Bush released from hospital, preparing to travel to Maine
By Mark Osborne and Gina Sunseri
May 5, 2018 Story from US Mark Osborne, Gina Sunseri , ABC News
What evidence of a first moon orbiting a planet outside of our solar system really means
By Gina Sunseri
October 3, 2018 Story from Technology Gina Sunseri , ABC News
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