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This Fortune 500 company has a plan for reopening amid COVID-19 -- and is sharing it with everyone
By Nadine Shubailat and James Hill
April 16, 2020 Story from Business Nadine Shubailat, James Hill , ABC News
Clinical trials for coronavirus vaccine begin at University of Oxford
By Guy Davies and Nadine Shubailat
April 24, 2020 Story from International Guy Davies, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Hunter Biden sits down for exclusive interview with ABC News
By Nadine Shubailat and Victoria Thompson
October 14, 2019 Story from Politics Nadine Shubailat, Victoria Thompson , ABC News
Charter school at epicenter of COVID-19 crisis steps up to help through the pandemic
By Arielle Mitropoulos and Nadine Shubailat
May 23, 2020 Story from US Arielle Mitropoulos, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Exclusive: Hunter Biden talks getting married after 6 days and why his life is in 'the best place I've ever been'
By Nadine Shubailat
October 17, 2019 Story from Politics Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
'Road map' to recovery report: 20 million coronavirus tests per day needed to fully open economy
By Teri Whitcraft, Bill Hutchinson and Nadine Shubailat
April 20, 2020 Story from US Teri Whitcraft, Bill Hutchinson, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Experts call for new national public health workforce to trace spread of COVID-19 cases
By Nadine Shubailat, James Hill and Benjamin Siegel
April 14, 2020 Story from US Nadine Shubailat, James Hill, Benjamin Siegel , ABC News
Virtual tip jars are helping workers in one of the hardest hit industries in the country
By Nadine Shubailat
March 22, 2020 Story from US Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Exclusive: 'I'm here': Hunter Biden hits back at Trump taunt in exclusive ABC News interview
By Victoria Thompson, Nadine Shubailat, Lucien Bruggeman and Victor Ordonez
October 15, 2019 Story from Politics Victoria Thompson, Nadine Shubailat, Lucien Bruggeman, Victor Ordonez , ABC News
China company says its vaccine could be complete by 'autumn'
By Victor Ordonez , Sony Salzman, Nadine Shubailat and Bob Woodruff
June 19, 2020 Story from Health Victor Ordonez , Sony Salzman, Nadine Shubailat, Bob Woodruff , ABC News
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