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Radical Muslim group blamed in Sri Lanka Easter bombings, 1 of 4 American victims identified
By Bill Hutchinson, Dragana Jovanovic and Nadine Shubailat
April 23, 2019 Story from International Bill Hutchinson, Dragana Jovanovic, Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Hunter Biden sits down for exclusive interview with ABC News
By Nadine Shubailat and Victoria Thompson
October 14, 2019 Story from Politics Nadine Shubailat, Victoria Thompson , ABC News
Exclusive: Hunter Biden talks getting married after 6 days and why his life is in 'the best place I've ever been'
By Nadine Shubailat
October 17, 2019 Story from Politics Nadine Shubailat , ABC News
Exclusive: 'I'm here': Hunter Biden hits back at Trump taunt in exclusive ABC News interview
By Victoria Thompson, Nadine Shubailat, Lucien Bruggeman and Victor Ordonez
October 15, 2019 Story from Politics Victoria Thompson, Nadine Shubailat, Lucien Bruggeman, Victor Ordonez , ABC News
9/11 male breast cancer patient: 'We're the forgotten people'
September 11, 2018 Story from US nNadine Shubailat , ABC News
Asia Argento claims she was 'sexually attacked' by accuser Jimmy Bennett
By NADINE SHUBAILAT and Lesley Messer
September 5, 2018 Story from GMA nNadine Shubailat, Lesley Messer , ABC News
Michelle Obama opens up about her miscarriage, going through IVF and Donald Trump in ABC News prime-time special for new memoir 'Becoming'
By Katie Kindelan, Teri Whitcraft, Nadine Shubailat and Ann Reynolds
November 9, 2018 Story from GMA Katie Kindelan, Teri Whitcraft, Nadine Shubailat, Ann Reynolds , ABC News
Boy with autism who improved socially by running plans to finish marathon with mom
October 22, 2018 Story from US nNadine Shubailat , ABC News
Ahead of #MeToo anniversary, early Weinstein accuser re-emerges from 'exile'
By Aaron Katersky and NADINE SHUBAILAT
September 22, 2018 Story from US Aaron Katersky, nNadine Shubailat , ABC News
Chelsea Manning released, tells ABC News exclusively the past 'is only my starting point, not my final destination'
May 17, 2017 Story from US NADINE SHUBAILAT , ABC News
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