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Stepping through history: The vibrant legacy of HBCU majorette teams
The mesmerizing majorette dance style is inspiring pop icons like Beyoncé and empowering Black students on HBCU campuses to express freedom, sisterhood, and honor tradition.
February 21, 2023 Video from GMA ABC News
Missouri man accused of holding woman captive indicted by grand jury on kidnapping, rape charges
By Meredith Deliso and Nakylah Carter
February 14, 2023 Story from US Meredith Deliso, Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Harriet Tubman monument unveiled in Newark, replaces Columbus statue
By Nakylah Carter
March 9, 2023 Story from US Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Mississippi man who went missing found with head severed, attorney says
By Nakylah Carter and Tesfaye Negussie
March 15, 2023 Story from US Nakylah Carter, Tesfaye Negussie , ABC News
Tyre Nichols 'a human pinata' for cops, attorney says after viewing bodycam footage
By Nakylah Carter
January 23, 2023 Story from US Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Black in Vegas: Usher and Ne-Yo share gratitude for historic Black entertainers
By Nakylah Carter, Sabina Ghebremedhin and Monica DelaRosa
February 1, 2023 Story from GMA Nakylah Carter, Sabina Ghebremedhin, Monica DelaRosa , ABC News
Family of Shanquella Robinson calls for diplomatic intervention months after woman's death in Mexico
By Sabina Ghebremedhin and Nakylah Carter
March 4, 2023 Story from US Sabina Ghebremedhin, Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Two wrongfully convicted men granted scholarships to University of Akron
By Tesfaye Negussie and Nakylah Carter
March 11, 2023 Story from US Tesfaye Negussie, Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Asian Americans to rally nationwide 2 years after deadly Atlanta shooting
By Nakylah Carter
March 16, 2023 Story from US Nakylah Carter , ABC News
Meet Cambridge's youngest ever Black professor, Jason Arday
By Nakylah Carter
March 21, 2023 Story from GMA Nakylah Carter , ABC News
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