Rebecca Jarvis

Rebecca Jarvis
Rebecca Jarvis is ABC News’ chief business, technology & economics correspondent; the creator and host of “The Dropout,” a top-rated podcast and documentary which chronicles... Read More »
Rebecca Jarvis is ABC News’ chief business, technology & economics correspondent; the creator and host of “The Dropout,” a top-rated podcast and documentary which chronicles the rise and fall of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes; and the creator and host of the “No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis” podcast which features in-depth interviews with female CEOs, founders, and innovators. Jarvis reports across all of ABC News programs including “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight with David Muir,” “Nightline,” “20/20” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.” She has conducted news-making interviews with a broad range of subjects, and the biggest names in business, including Tim Cook, Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon, Bill and Melinda Gates, Satya Nadella, Sheryl Sandberg, Richard Branson, Anne Wojcicki, Wendy Williams, Jessica Alba, Karlie Kloss, Chance the Rapper, and Mary Barra. Jarvis was the first reporter to interview a Facebook executive in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and the only reporter to interview United CEO Oscar Munoz, in a worldwide exclusive, following the controversy surrounding the airline’s forceful removal of a passenger. She has covered the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential elections, Brexit, the Great Recession, Bernie Madoff scandal, GM Bankruptcy and the fall of Lehman Brothers. Jarvis’ investigation demonstrating the tracking capabilities of Android cellphones, often unknown to the user, was cited during a House Judiciary Committee Hearing by Chair Bob Goodlatte during the testimony of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. And “The Dropout,” her three-year investigation into blood testing startup Theranos and founder Elizabeth Holmes is being made into an original series for Hulu. Jarvis is an executive producer on the project. Jarvis is a two-time Emmy award winner and a four-time recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence in Television and Radio. The Alliance for Women in Media named her one of the top business journalists in the country with its Women in Numbers Award. She is also the recipient of a duPont Award for her work covering the Newtown tragedy. Before joining ABC News, Jarvis was co-host of “CBS This Morning: Saturday,” and business and economics correspondent for CBS News. Prior to CBS News, she spent three years at CNBC reporting on market news from the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the New York Mercantile Exchange. She contributed regularly to NBC News including the “Today Show” and “Nightly News.” Jarvis began her journalism career writing for Crain’s Chicago Business and Business 2.0. She has also worked in investment banking and foreign currency trading. A graduate of the University of Chicago, Jarvis holds a degree in economics and constitutional law. A recipient of the University of Chicago Dean’s Grant, she studied European banking and financial markets and the formation of the European Union at the Université Sciences Po in Paris, France. Jarvis received national recognition for her work with Colin Powell, empowering children and improving communities. She was also named a National Point of Light, receiving accolades from Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. « Read Less
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By Tony Morrison, Rebecca Jarvis and Taylor Dunn
July 9, 2019 Story from GMA Tony Morrison, Rebecca Jarvis, Taylor Dunn , ABC News
What you can do now to protect your finances in the event of a recession
By Rebecca Jarvis, Taylor Dunn and Kelly McCarthy
August 15, 2019 Story from GMA Rebecca Jarvis, Taylor Dunn, Kelly McCarthy , ABC News
Apple CEO Tim Cook vows to continue fighting for DACA recipients and users' privacy ahead of 2020
By Layne Winn , Rebecca Jarvis and Zunaira Zaki
November 22, 2019 Story from Business Layne Winn , Rebecca Jarvis, Zunaira Zaki , ABC News
Tim Cook describes his vision as Apple breaks ground on Texas facility
By Catherine Thorbecke, Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson, Zunaira Zaki and Taylor Dunn
November 20, 2019 Story from Business Catherine Thorbecke, Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson, Zunaira Zaki, Taylor Dunn , ABC News
Final shipping dates to get gifts via ground delivery in time for Christmas
By Rebecca Jarvis and Kelly McCarthy
December 4, 2019 Story from GMA Rebecca Jarvis, Kelly McCarthy , ABC News
Emily Ratajkowski says no one should 'judge' women for 'how they represent themselves or their body'
By Taylor Dunn, Laura Coburn and Rebecca Jarvis
November 26, 2019 Story from US Taylor Dunn, Laura Coburn, Rebecca Jarvis , ABC News
Lawyers of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes say she hasn't paid bills in over a year
By Taylor Dunn, Rebecca Jarvis and Victoria Thompson
October 4, 2019 Story from Business Taylor Dunn, Rebecca Jarvis, Victoria Thompson , ABC News
Why Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake turned down a multimillion-dollar offer
By Rebecca Jarvis and Taylor Dunn
January 20, 2020 Story from GMA Rebecca Jarvis, Taylor Dunn , ABC News
Data usage, insurance and family plans? Tips on saving on your cellphone bill
By Enjoli Francis and Rebecca Jarvis
May 4, 2018 Story from US Enjoli Francis, Rebecca Jarvis , ABC News
Theranos whistleblowers filed complaints out of fear of patients' health: 'It started to eat me up inside': 'The Dropout' episode 4
By Taylor Dunn, Victoria Thompson and Rebecca Jarvis
March 13, 2019 Story from Business Taylor Dunn, Victoria Thompson, Rebecca Jarvis , ABC News
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