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Kamala Harris' historic inauguration fills America's South Asian community with pride
By Zohreen Shah and Ivan Pereira
January 21, 2021 Story from US Zohreen Shah, Ivan Pereira , ABC News
This US county has correctly picked every presidential winner since 1980
By Zohreen Shah, Jon Schlosberg and Ashley Riegle
November 18, 2020 Story from US Zohreen Shah, Jon Schlosberg, Ashley Riegle , ABC News
Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick suspends presidential bid
By Zohreen Shah
February 12, 2020 Story from Politics Zohreen Shah , ABC News
Arab American voters could play important role in key swing states
By Arielle Mitropoulos and Zohreen Shah
October 16, 2020 Story from Politics Arielle Mitropoulos, Zohreen Shah , ABC News
Bloomberg now endorsed by more than 100 mayors, including a former Biden supporter
By Zohreen Shah
February 14, 2020 Story from Politics Zohreen Shah , ABC News
Yang lays off a number of staffers after Iowa caucuses
By Armando Garcia and Zohreen Shah
February 6, 2020 Story from Politics Armando Garcia, Zohreen Shah , ABC News
Trump's former Navy secretary endorses Michael Bloomberg
By Zohreen Shah
February 7, 2020 Story from Politics Zohreen Shah , ABC News
Buttigieg bundlers say they've raised over $550,000 for Warren's past campaigns
By Cheyenne Haslett, Zohreen Shah and Soo Rin Kim
February 2, 2020 Story from Politics Cheyenne Haslett, Zohreen Shah, Soo Rin Kim , ABC News
Senior citizens, key to Trump's 2016 victory, now far from a sure group for president
By Zohreen Shah and Jon Schlosberg
October 23, 2020 Story from Politics Zohreen Shah, Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Bloomberg continues to confront stop and frisk legacy
By Zohreen Shah
February 17, 2020 Story from Politics Zohreen Shah , ABC News
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