Man Drives 360 Miles for Black Friday Deals

One California shopper didn’t want to brave the crowds at his hometown big-box stores, so he filled up his gas tank and drove 360 miles to Tempe, Ariz., with one goal in mind: to score a flat screen TV for less than $300.

“I drove 360 miles from Santa Ana because the stores there are just too crazy,”  Lazaro Gomes told ABC affiliate KNXV.

The Santa Ana, Calif.,  man was the first in line. His friend’s wife, who lives in nearby Chandler, Ariz., even delivered a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal to him while he waited in line for eight hours outside a Target store.

Gomes, who was at the head of the estimated 1,000 person line, had no problem snagging the television that was on his wish list.

Exiting the store, he waved his receipt and said, “I’m so happy!”

Mission almost accomplished– now he just has to drive those 360 miles back to California.

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