LG Electronics Terror Elevator Ad Goes Viral

It's a prank that seems destined for YouTube greatness and one that seems appropriate for April Fool's Day.

A grid of IPS monitors are installed on the floor of an elevator to create an optical illusion that the elevator is plummeting to its demise as a hidden camera captures the reactions of riders who believe their end is near.

The prank is not the work of Internet amateurs, however, but a new ad campaign from the Netherlands branch of Seoul, Korea-based LG electronics to promote their new IPS monitors.

And the ad was launched just in time for the scariest of holidays, Halloween.

With the tagline, "So Real, It's Scary, the nearly two-minute YouTube video shows riders' reactions as the IPS monitors display what appears to be the bottom of the elevator floor dropping out beneath them.

A spokeswoman for LG Electronics in the Netherlands, where the ad was launched, told ABCNews.com the video has been viewed more than 3 million times.

"The film highlights the lifelike colors and image quality of IPS technology, no matter which angle the monitor is viewed from," the spokeswoman, Sabrina Eilers, said. " The central message to the viral hit of 'So Real It's Scary': LG IPS monitors make images so real, it's hard to separate from reality."

On the video's YouTube page, the majority of the comments have focused not on the monitors' quality but on whether the people in the video are real or actors hired to portray pure terror.

LG would not confirm or deny whether the people are real.

"The film was made to promote the IPS monitors and we leave it to the imagination of the viewers what happened on the set," Eilers said.

The IPS (in-place switching) monitor is described on the LG website as allowing viewers to, "discover a richer, brighter more detailed online experience" and to "experience stunning images from any angle."

The monitor retails for around $200.