How Much for This Internship?

(Image credit: Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

Plenty of internships don't pay anything. But for this one, some lucky person will have to pay to add this to their resume.

A six-week internship with the UN-NGO Committee on Human Rights is being auctioned for charity with the highest bid most recently at $22,000.

The internship, along with 137 other experiences, benefit the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights. The auction, hosted on, closes on May 14.

According to the listing, the internship takes place in New York City at the United Nations building and allows the winner to work with Bruce Knotts, chair of the UN-NGO Committee on Human Rights.

"You will gain inside knowledge of just how the UN really operates and have tremendous opportunities to make invaluable connections," the listing states. "This truly is the ultimate internship opportunity for any college or graduate student looking to get their foot in the door!"

On the Charitybuzz website, the estimated worth is $10,000 but 29 bids have raised the price to $22,000 as of Friday.

Other auction items include a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook, which is the priciest item so far at $600,000. The second highest-priced item is a tour of SpaceX Center in Los Angeles with founder Elon Musk at $7,500.

Also donated to the auction is a training camp with NFL football player Peyton Manning and the chance to be in a movie scene with "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth in a film directed by Michael Mann.

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After raising eyebrows for being a "pay-to-play" opportunity at the United Nations, Glenda Felden, director of marketing and communications with Charitybuzz, clarified that the internship is in the UN building but not actually with the United Nations.

"We've updated the auction description and legal terms to make this more clear," she wrote in an email. All the money will go toward the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights and the UN-NGO Committee on Human Rights will not receive any of the funds raised.

"Internship charity auctions allow iconic organizations to raise funds to support the important work of nonprofits around the globe," she said. "These nonprofits are working tirelessly to make our world a better place, from environmental preservation to alleviating hunger to championing human rights. Internships on the charity auction block are crafted in addition to existing programs and do not take away opportunities from those applying through traditional channels."

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