For Superstar Celine Dion, Career Is a Family Affair

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

ABC News' Felicia Patinkin reports:

Celine Dion is a superstar, and has been selling out seats in Las Vegas for years.

Dion is a wife, mother, family woman and diva, but she is also someone who manages to balance all the glitz and glam of her high-octane career with dirty diapers and homework.

But juggling diva-hood and motherhood isn't easy.

She revealed that her children most like to see her in her pajamas - because it means she's going to be playing with them all day.

After the birth of her twin sons, Nelson and Eddy, Dion was back rehearsing for her show in 12 weeks.

And she's still nursing.

"One of my twins stopped nursing at nine-and-a-half months. … Nelson is 14 months and he's still nursing," she said.

Dion's show is a family affair. On the night "Good Morning America" visited the production at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace, Dion's mother was backstage.

Dion credits her family for making her career possible. She is the youngest of 14 children, and she keeps several of her siblings very close.

Her husband has managed her career since she was 12 years old, and her brother is her stage manager. Her step-son is her road manager, and the live-in babysitter is her beloved sister.

"It is a family affair and it makes it possible for me," she said, "because if you spend, since you're 12 years old, if you decide to spend all your life doing your work, it's amazing to be able to surround yourself with people that make you feel at your best."

Dion's oldest son, René-Charles, appeared on stage with his mother on the night "GMA" visited.

Asked if she would ever let René-Charles go into show business, Dion replied: "If my husband takes care of him, yes … hopefully he'll pick the right  thing that will bring the best of him, his happiness.  And we'll be supporters for sure.  Even if it's show business."

René-Charles and his brother visited the show at a special time in their mother's meteoric career. "Beauty and the Best," the Disney animated hit, is being released this week in 3-D.

It's been 20 years since the film first hit the theaters, and it's become synonymous with the Dion song - also named "Beauty and the Beast" - that became a runaway hit and made the singer a household name around the world.

"I can't believe that this song is so known and it's mine," she said.