Carrie Underwood's 5 Must-Haves While on Tour

Country superstar Carrie Underwood, 29,  prides herself on being an "All-American Girl."  In an interview with "Nightline," Underwood talked about her marriage to hockey player Mike Fisher, her feelings on having children and her booming career since she first stepped into the spotlight on "American Idol."

While on tour, this five-time Grammy award-winning artist said she brings a few comforts of home with her. Here are the top five things Underwood said she must have with her when she's on the road:

1. Her dogs

Underwood is known to be an animal lover - she even rescued an injured pup from the side of a highway in December - and the first thing the singer said she can't do without are her canine companions, Ace and Penny.

"They're with me everywhere," she said. "I couldn't imagine not having that little piece of home with me everywhere I go."

Credit: Twitter @carrieunderwood

2. A fully-stocked refrigerator

Even when she is traveling on a cramped tour bus, Underwood said she loves to make her own meals and she tries to skip the fast food.

"I bring pots and pans and little burners and things like that so I can cook food while I'm on the bus," she said. "I'm always buying groceries on my days off."

3. Her personal trainer

"I do my own hair and make-up on tour, so I feel like I… deserve to have someone motivating me, helping me be the best that I can be physically so I can get through the rigorous tour," Underwood said.

4. 'Lots' of movies and shows on DVD

Underwood said that watching her favorite shows and movies while on tour is her "steam releaser," and there is "a lot of time to kill on the bus."

5. A new down-alternative comforter

For another touch of home, Underwood said she buys a new comforter every time she goes on tour, "just to make sure my bed is super comfy and doesn't feel like a hotel bed."

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