Reality TV Relationships: How Giuliana and Bill Rancic Make Marriage Work

ABC News' Brian O'Keefe reports:

Giuliana and Bill Rancic are a pop culture power couple in Hollywood.

She is the E! News co-anchor and "Fashion Police" co-host, and he was the very first winner on "The Apprentice" and went on to work for Donald Trump. The two also star in their very own reality TV show, "Giuliana and Bill," on the Style Network.

While reality TV relationships tend to not have a lot of staying power, theirs has lasted through highs and lows, including her recent breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy.

Giuliana Rancic Puts 'Marriage First, Child Second'

In an interview with "Good Morning America" correspondent Bianna Golodryga in the Rancics' Beverly Hills home, the two shared the secret to making their marriage work despite life in a fishbowl.

"I think the difference between us and a lot of these other couples is, from the beginning our foundation was very strong," she said. "And as the seasons pass, it's actually easier to do the show. Like, we get it. We get that there's cameras around."

Her husband added: "Well, we're also the executive (producers) of the show. So, I mean, that's - that's helpful."

They may be the executive producers, but she says they "never, ever" cut anything unflattering out of the show.

Bill Rancic: My Son Duke Is 'Not Going to Be a Hollywood Kid'

"If I look like crap and I don't have my makeup, I don't care. We put everything in the show," she said.

She had multiple fertility treatments and one miscarriage. A subsequent mammogram revealed breast cancer. She told "GMA" she never expected to get such a diagnosis at 36 years old.

"When I was first diagnosed it was - I truly thought it was a death sentence, and I thought it was the end of the world," Rancic, now 39 years old, said.

Her battle with cancer played out in front of the cameras, and viewers were touched by her struggle.

"We can't make it through an airport without someone coming up and saying 'thank you. My wife finally got a mammogram.' I mean, not a day goes by where that doesn't happen," Bill Rancic, 42, said.

The pair met when she was interviewing him for E!. He invited her out that very first time.

"I said 'drinks or dinner?' and he goes 'that'd be great, too,' and we were engaged eight months later," she recalled.

They got married in 2007, and have built their family and careers.

They are both best-selling authors, and he is also a motivational speaker. He recently announced a contest to rejuvenate small businesses, with one small business to earn a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl, all at no charge to the business.

Despite their busy professional lives, their main focus is Duke.

"It's magical … when I look at her and Duke, we now have a real family," Bill Rancic said.

Asked whether they'll expand their family, his answer was "we'll see."

His wife said their lives now revolve around their son.

"We wake up with Duke, we go to sleep with Duke, we spend all the time with Duke and we realize, wow! It's a lot of work … and so before we decide on baby number two, we just want to make sure we can do it."