Stanley Tucci Describes His Family's Expat Thanksgiving in England

(Photo Credit: John Phillips/UK Press/Getty Images)

Stanley Tucci plays a philandering husband who finally leaves his wife for another woman in his new movie "Some Velvet Morning," but his real life with wife Felicity Blunt couldn't be more different.

Tucci, 53, spoke to ABC News promoting the new film, which premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and will be released next month, and explained the drama opposite his on-screen mistress Alice Eve couldn't be further off from his relaxed life with Blunt.

In fact, Tucci and Blunt, who he married in 2012, share an affinity for cooking, something that will come in handy as they celebrate Thanksgiving today in England.

"We're in England now, so this will sort of be an expat Thanksgiving," he told ABC. "We have friends coming over. Some are British, but one's American and she's a really good cook. So, she's going to do the turkey and I think we are going to do a ham and we'll all share the sides."

Tucci, who has three children - Isabel, Nicolo and Camilla - said the kids "already put their orders in yesterday for what sides they want - you know mashed potatoes and all that."

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If his wife's last name sounds familiar it's because Felicity Blunt is sister to Tucci's "Devil Wears Prada" co-star Emily Blunt, who is expecting a new baby sometime next year.

Tucci said it will definitely be a family affair for the holidays this year, including the Blunts and Emily's husband, "The Office" star John Krasinski.

"It'll be very exciting, I don't think she'll have given birth yet, but it is going to be very exciting, we'll all be together and it'll be very nice," he said.

Tucci and his wife's love for food doesn't stop at Thanksgiving. The couple is working on a cookbook due out next year around this time. It will be his second book release.

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"The first cookbook really was my parent's cookbook," he said. "But I wanted to do a book myself. There are still more recipes to be written down and some of my wife's recipes too, stuff we like to cook together."

He continued, "We [cook together] as much as possible. I try to be in the kitchen when I'm home, I find it relaxing. The kids as they are getting older are becoming more adventurous and that's great. It's just so much fun and I love to eat."

The Oscar-nominated actor added that his wife is really great with "quintessential British" cuisine.

"You know, Yorkshire pudding and things like that," he said. "Making beautiful roasted potatoes, I'd never had before! They boil the potato first and then kind of fluff it up in a pan after the water has been drained. They cook it in duck fat and lots of oil at a very high temperature, it creates this beautiful crust - just the most delicious thing ever."

The whole family enjoys days where they go the farmer's markets in London and just cook.

"We did it the other day, we bought some lamb, there are great farmer's markets in London and you can get amazing produce, great cuts of meat," he said. "We go the farmers market bring home all the food and start cooking."