'MasterChef' Judge Graham Elliot Flaunts Weight Loss


Celebrity chef Graham Elliot is showing off his dramatic 100-pound-plus weight loss since undergoing surgery in July with a new picture posted on Twitter.

Posting a before and after photo, the "MasterChef" judge updated his followers. "Now weighing in at 268lbs, down from 396lbs. Thanks everyone for the continued support!" he wrote on his Twitter account Wednesday.

Elliot, 36, also posted photos after completing his first ever 5K run.

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The famous chef finished the Ditka Dash, wearing a fake moustache in honor of Mike Ditka, the beloved former coach of the Chicago Bears, in 34:49 alongside his wife Allie.

"I have been jogging and training since the summer, working up to 3 miles," he told People. "The feeling of crossing the finish line was a great sense of accomplishment."

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Since having a sleeve gastrectomy, in which 80 percent of a patient's stomach is removed to create a small sleeve-shaped stomach the size of a banana, Elliot has lost about 128 pounds and overhauled his lifestyle.

Next year, he said he's hoping to run the Chicago marathon with the help of his fellow "MasterChef" judges and avid marathoners Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich.