LeAnn Rimes 'Jaw-Popping' Concert

(Gary Miller/Getty Images)

LeAnn Rimes sure knows how to belt it out.

The singer was giving it her all during a concert Saturday in Oklahoma when her jaw popped out of place, forcing her to cancel an encore.

LeAnn Rimes Feuds with Ex on Twitter

'Oklahoma!!!! I love you so much! I'm sorry for no encore. I had my jaw pop out of place & I can't hear out of my left ear. #tmjsucks," she later tweeted.

Her onstage injury aside, Rimes wrote, "I had the best time tonight with my Oklahoma fans! I love y'all!"

LeAnn Rimes Suing Dentist, Says His Bad Work Made her Career Suffer

Rimes has previously shared with fans her struggles with TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder, which causes pain and dysfunction in the jaw joint and surrounding muscles.

Last October, she wrote on her website, "I've been living in a dental nightmare for 10 months. I'm getting back on track though, I hope. I've had too many detours this year due to dental issues."