Jane Fonda on Life in Her 70s: 'I Feel Like a Kid'

Axelle/Getty Images

At 76, Jane Fonda is having the time of her life, both in her career and her personal life.

"In spite of my age, which is considerable, I feel like a kid," Fonda told Out magazine about shooting her new film, "This Is Where I Leave You," with Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Adam Driver.

"I've ad-libbed entire movies that are dramas, but ad-libbing comedy is a whole different thing. They're a new generation, and my generation can learn a lot from them," Fonda said about her co-stars. "I always like being in a situation where I'm a bit off-kilter."

She was especially glowing about Driver.

"God, I love him. I think he's the most exciting new actor anywhere. He has a physical presence that's unique. He has tremendous integrity. I think he's going to last a long, long time - and he will never sell out," Fonda said of the "Girls" star.

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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin Team Up for New Netflix Series

After taking a 15-year break from acting because "I was just very unhappy as a person - as a woman - and I find it difficult to act when I'm really unhappy," Fonda is back, working more than ever.

She's shooting a new Netflix comedy series, "Grace and Frankie," with her "9 to 5? co-star Lily Tomlin, playing two women whose husbands (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) fall in love with each other.

"I've wanted to do a TV series that would give a face to older women for a long time, and ['Friends' co-creator] Marta Kauffman came up with this idea for me and Lily," Fonda said.

While Fonda is giving a face to older women on screen, off screen she continues to give a voice to them, talking openly about her great her sex life is in her golden years.

"I am having good sex," Fonda told the magazine, recalling her comment a few years ago when she was quoted saying she's having the best sex of her life. "But it's more about intimacy in a relationship with someone who is kind and really knows how to show up."