Lauren Scruggs Recovery Milestone: Injured Model Meets With Prosthetic Experts

Former model and fashion editor Lauren Scruggs, who was injured last month in a traumatic accident with a spinning plane propeller, reached a major milestone in her recovery, meeting with a prosthetic arm team this week.

Scruggs' mother, Cheryl, who has chronicled every step of her daughter's recovery on their blog, wrote about the family's emotional visit with a prosthetic arm expert Wednesday.

"Different emotions, during the 3 1/2 hour meeting, enveloped each of us, at different times, during the meeting…..anger, hope, disbelief, encouragement, discouragement, sadness," she wrote. "We all came out speechless and exhausted, but also a bit encouraged and hopeful."

The 23-year-old online fashion editor has made miraculous strides since the Dec. 3 accident in which she walked into a moving plane propeller after viewing Christmas lights from above Dallas, injuring the left side of her face, shoulder and severing her left hand.

Doctors at Dallas' Parkland Hospital performed surgery to remove Scruggs' left eye Dec. 15. The Texan has been in intensive therapy to relearn how to walk, talk, use a stationary bike, even dress herself since the accident. According to her family, she started eating her favorite foods,  including sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, picking out clothes to wear in late December. On Jan. 4, she made her first trip outside the hospital to Whole Foods with her mother, according to Cheryl Scrugg's post.

Earlier this week, Scruggs, who is known to family and friends as "Lo," wrote her first blog post on her LoLo Magazine website since the accident. Her mother's blog confirmed that it was Scruggs who wrote the post and saw it as a sign that her daughter's spark was coming back through the pain.

"She said, 'Mom, I'm ready to make my first post.' My knees felt weak, and I got tears in my eyes. I have missed watching her write and ponder what's next to put in the magazine. I've missed how she gets so excited about the new things she has researched, and can't wait to write an article for," Cheryl Scruggs wrote. "I breathed a sigh of relief……knowing that her passion is being re-ignited."

In the Jan. 9 post, Scruggs thanked friends and family for their outpouring of support.

"I don't know how to thank each one of you, properly, for so much love during this difficult incident in my life," she wrote.  "My heart is so grateful beyond what I could ever imagine. So thank you dearly for the sweet encouragements, the precious words in letters and messages, the beautiful grace in pretty presents, but mostly I am so so thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits."

The deeply religious family has turned to prayer and continues to stress their gratitude for the support of friends and members of the community.

"We take each moment ….one at a time. Then the reality starts to set in about the magnitude of what has really happened……..then sadness, and sometimes a little Joy," Cheryl Scruggs wrote in her latest blog post. "God knows what He is doing, but it's tough."