Injured Model Lauren Scruggs 'So Grateful' to Friends for Support

Lauren Scruggs, the Texas model and fashion editor who lost a hand and an eye last month after accidentally walking into a moving plane propeller, took to her website today to thank friends and family for their outpouring of support.

"I don't know how to thank each one of you, properly, for so much love during this difficult incident in my life," Scruggs, who is known to family and friends as "Lo," wrote in a Jan. 9 blog post.  "My heart is so grateful beyond what I could ever imagine. So thank you dearly for the sweet encouragements, the precious words in letters and messages, the beautiful grace in pretty presents, but mostly I am so so thankful for you and your loving hearts and sweet spirits."

It was the first posting on Scruggs' LoLo Magazine website since the Dec. 3 accident. The 23-year-old communications graduate had just gotten off of the plane after viewing Christmas lights from above Dallas when tragedy struck.

Although ABC News has not confirmed that Scruggs herself typed the blog or has been on her Twitter account, which is also active again, family spokeswoman Janee Harrell, who is launching a show next month, said Scruggs has had her iPhone out frequently during hospital visits. The post was signed, "love, lo."

Her mother, Cheryl Scruggs, who has chronicled her daughter's recovery on the blog, said her daughter is adjusting to a "new norm," and that simple tasks like "typing an email" are heightened.

Friends and members of the community have rallied around Scruggs and her religious family. A December fundraiser to assist Scruggs with her medical bills reportedly raised more than $10,000.

Doctors at Dallas' Parkland Hospital performed surgery to remove Scruggs' left eye Dec. 15 and the Texan has been in intensive therapy to relearn how to walk, talk, use a stationary bike, even dress herself.

In a Jan. 8 posting, Cheryl Scruggs wrote candidly about the emotional and spiritual journey their family has taken.

"I have come to sit down tonight and write, but am emotionally drained, and physically tired," she wrote. "God has given me things to share, so I will see you in the morning……… I did want to thank all of you for your wonderful posts, kind words, poems, and prayers. They have been such and inspiration and blessing."

Although her family has been optimistic and Scruggs has made tremendous strides, she is fighting off crippling pain, according to her mother's updates. "Lo …woke up at 6am…..crying….trying to take deep breathes in order to relieve some of it. … We rubbed her feet and massaged her right arm and hand with lavender oil….and just held her close as the tears trickled down her face."

On Jan. 4, Scruggs made her first trip outside since the accident, joining her mother to Whole Foods, where they ran into strangers who offered their support.

"We had many complete strangers stop us, with tears in their eyes, saying they have been praying for Lo and for our family. Many have told us how the accident has them seriously thinking about how important God needs to be in their lives, or how it has helped them refocus where they have gotten off track in their spiritual walk," Cheryl Scruggs wrote.

Although Lauren's family says her road to recovery will be long, she has been surrounded by family, who brought touches of home to her hospital room during the New Year's and Christmas holidays.  Cheryl Scruggs wrote Scruggs and twin sister Britt "wore their matching PJ's … just for Christmas Eve," and they watched her favorite Christmas move, "The Santa Claus," at the hospital.

Here's more about the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund .

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