ABC News Launches #MyWorldNewsStory Campaign

Watch original report from ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser here.

Americans Share Personal Stories About Reports Seen on "ABC World News"

ABC News has launched a new campaign for its flagship evening newscast "World News with Diane Sawyer." In a series of five video spots that began airing on March 17, the #MyWorldNewsStory campaign highlights people who have been featured in or impacted by stories that have aired on "ABC World News."

"You don't think that something you're watching on TV is going to affect your life." - Debbie Osterberg, an ABC viewer

The first-person narratives collectively capture the DNA of the newscast anchored by Diane Sawyer - from breaking news coverage to stories that affect people's lives in tangible, relatable, human ways. In addition the five promos speak to the mission of ABC News: to inform, inspire, and empower people so they can better understand the world and change their futures.

"You turn to the news for a lot of different reasons and to have a show that gives you something that you can apply to your real lifeā€¦ it was awesome" - Mary Burt-Godwin

Viewers who have a story they want to share can submit it here or by using the #MyWorldNewsStory hashtag on Twitter.